North Carolina Basketball: Top Candidates to Eventually Succeed Roy Williams

Love PatelContributor IIIAugust 13, 2012

North Carolina Basketball: Top Candidates to Eventually Succeed Roy Williams

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    There's no end in sight for North Carolina Tar Heels head coach Roy Williams, but finding someone to take his throne is no easy task.

    Many times, someone from the same "coaching tree" or someone closely associated with the coach is chosen as his replacement.

    Here's a look at some candidates who could possibly become Williams' successor.

Hubert Davis: North Carolina, Assistant Coach

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    Davis was hired in May to fill an assistant coaching position after Jerod Haase left for a head-coaching position.

    This doesn't mark the first time Davis joined Williams. Williams helped recruit Davis to North Carolina when he was an assistant coach there.

    His success as an assistant could bring about the possibility of taking over as head coach when Williams is gone, unless another opportunity arises even sooner.

Steve Robinson, North Carolina, Assistant Coach

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    Robinson has previous head-coaching experience in the ACC from his days at Florida State.

    He has also coached at North Carolina since Williams took the job back in 2003.

    The only factor working against Robinson would be his long career as a coach. There's a possibility that by the time Williams is done, Robinson will have either taken an opportunity elsewhere or have retired. 

Jerod Haase: University of Alabama at Birmingham, Head Coach

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    This is certainly a stretch since he just left for a head-coaching job, but Haase has played and coached under Williams for a long time.

    By the time Williams is done, Haase could be in a prime position to make a return.

    If he can achieve significant success at UAB, Haase will definitely solidify his legitimacy as a head-coaching candidate for North Carolina.