Grading the Yankees: First Spring Training Game vs. Toronto

Sean SerritellaCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2009

Yankees win 6-1.

It looks as though the steroid talk has not affected Alex Rodriguez’s play on the field.

I didn’t think he’d be good this year but he helped the Yankees beat the Toronto Blue Jays by, 6-1.

A+ Alex Rodriguez

He ignored the stress of being the poster boy for steroids and hit a home run while walking twice. Too bad he couldn’t do this in the post season.

B+ Brett Gardner

He hit a home run after hardly hitting any last year. I would have given him an “A” but he hit the runner on a throw to home plate.

C Dave Robertson

He loaded the bases but got out of the jam he created. I’m sure Yankee fans at the park were pulling their hair out. This is why he gets a C.

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