Word Life: The Lost Volumes: "This KIDD Has Game!"

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 25, 2009

Ever so often does a superstar impress me at first glance?


What I saw was simply amazing.

I'm talking about a guy that can fly and I'm not talking about Rey Mysterio or Evan Bourne.

In 2002, Randy Orton caught my eye and I knew … just knew he was special.

Look where he is today.

In 2002, Shelton Benjamin blew me away.

He hasn't got the push that he deserves, so I can't say he's where Orton is at, but he is the U.S. champion. I was fond of Finlay and MVP, but they took a while to grow on me.

Ever so often does light crack through in the ECW dungeon?


Swagger has begun to grow on me, but it took a while for me to start looking in his direction.

DJ Gabriel and Ricky Ortiz are non-existent to me. So, may feel otherwise, but that is my opinion.

Tyson Kidd has arrived in the land of extreme: He's 2-0 already.

This week came out with Natalya to face a local jobber. He was the reason I tuned into ECW.

I liked what he possessed and I wanted to see more.

The more I watched him, the more I was impressed. I know it's been a couple of weeks, but I think I've fallen in love … not literally, of course.

I have the same feeling when I saw Randy Orton and Shelton Benjamin … HBK, as well.

Yeah, he fought some jobber, but he has skills.

Being accompanied by my favorite diva, the lovely Natalya, gives him extra brownie points. The pink and black ignites flashbacks of you know who.


I'm not comparing him to the Harts; I’m just saying it gave me some memories.

He is built, well toned, and looks quite technical. He works well with his feet and can do some devastating kicks. Then he gets hang time.

Don't overlook this … the man gets hang time.

If you study astronomy or know anything about the atmosphere, then you'll see my picture. Above the troposphere and the mesosphere and back down to the ring, he delivered an elbow drop after his spring boarded off of the rope.

He got the win and remains undefeated. I've already started the—


It's a long shot, but I really don't care what the critics say. Many might agree and others say he should earn his keep.

He's great and should be in the MITB, but maybe I'm bias towards him, already.

I wish I could better defend his position, but he's been in the WWE for less than a month. This is less factual and more moral and thought based.

Well, I'm going to express my opinion. I have this gut feeling about him … and it's a good one.

No one is an instant success. He'll have to climb the ranks, build character and escape the dungeon.

WWE will have to put him on the mic and build a good first feud. He already has the ring talent and that is a huge step forward.

I feel he can bring more to the table and things can start to get really competitive down in ECW.

Don't we want competition?

I know Koslov wants some. I can see him in an exciting match with CM Punk, Shelton or Evan Bourne.

It's too early to assume, I suppose, but he is like a chameleon.

He can wrestle different styles and can wrestle at the pace and the movements as the wrestlers mentioned above.

I'm guessing he might start out as a heel.

He had an arrogant look on his face. He and Natalya make a great team and I would love to see some inter gender matches. We might be able to say—


I'm not the only that feel that this "KIDD HAS GAME.”

A certain someone also shares by belief.

I now, have a reason, to watch ECW.

I've waited for a wrestler to grab my attention and I'm glad. It’s been seven-years, but a new talent has gotten my attention at first sight.

Imagine Kidd vs. Morrison, Kidd vs. Bourne, Kidd vs. Mysterio … the possibilities go on.

I could go on and on about the Kidd, but I rather not.

Those who are skeptical know that ECW isn't the best brand out there, but check him out when you get the chance … and the lovely Natalya too.

Until next time, word life … did I mention he gets hang time?


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