Toronto Maple Leaf Haters Need Not Apply

Eric SelleyContributor IMarch 13, 2008

In today's NHL world, it is way too easy to say the Leafs suck.

Sure, their inability to actually play in the third period of most games, and poor performance under pressure, has made them the butt-end of all hockey jokes this year.

However, there is a bright side to being the team that nobody believes in.

First of all, lets give the players on the Leafs some credit. When you have to win 12 out of 13 games in order to potentially make the playoffs, nothing good can be running through your mind.

That being said, pulling off back-to-back wins over the team you are chasing for a spot, does show some real heart.

If you can't respect that, you are not a hockey fan.

The average Leaf hater will use the same argument over and over until it's stuck in your head like a cheap love song.

"The Leafs cannot win 12 of 13 because of their depth. Blake, Tucker, McCabe, and Kubina are all overrated and overpaid," and so on and so forth.

The truth is the Leafs do have the depth, unfortunately, many of those players have underacheived this season.

If the Leafs are to make any serious playoff push, guys like Steen, Wellwood, Blake, McCabe, and Antropov all need to step up and play like they have previously.

If you believe these guys can step up, then you should not count on a Leafs elimination just yet.

It is so easy to say the Leafs are garbage and won't make the playoffs this season, next season, or the season after that. Personally, I am tired of all the hockey fans out there who care less about their team's success than they do about the failures of the Leafs.

If you think you were the first person to call a poor Leafs season, grab a number and stand in line, because I guarantee you weren't.