Maryland Football Uniforms: Check out the Terps' New 2012 Design

Ian Berg@@ShugJordanPkwyCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2012

Maryland Football Uniforms: Check out the Terps' New 2012 Design

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    Maryland exploded onto the uniform scene last season with a design that either left you with a headache or had you screaming for more. OK, there was a lot less yelling for more and a lot more pleas for mercy.

    This season the Terrapins are jumping right back into the uniform discussion with a few tweaks to their everyday-type uniforms. They have toned down the extreme look a bit and have found a seemingly nice blend of Terps red and black and Maryland state-flag colors.

    Let’s take a look at the new Under Armour uniforms for the Maryland Terrapins. 

Maryland Pride Uniforms Back

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    Look out, fans, the Maryland “Pride” uniform looks to be making a comeback this fall. The Terps burst onto the scene last year against Miami (Fla.) with uniforms that had the feel of looking through a kaleidoscope.

    Don’t expect that to change as these uniforms are still in the rotation. Some people hated them—most did—while others thought the move was a cool shakeup and an interesting take on the Maryland flag and the pride that the Terps' fanbase has in their state.

    What game can we expect these gems to re-debut? There is no firm word just yet, but expect to see them exploding your color contrast on your flat screen at some point this fall. 

Maryland Cleats

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    When making something ridiculous and over the top, there is absolutely no reason not to go all out. Under Armour had the same thought when producing this cleat.

    There are variations, with white mixed in with the flag colors of Maryland, and others that are saturated in the design.

    Is this too much for the Terps' look? I don’t think so. These kicks debuted last fall, but expect them to make the rounds again this season. 

Lacrosse Highlight Cleats a Sign of What's to Come?

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    The Maryland lacrosse team was seen sporting these gems already this year. Could this design be making its way to the football team in the form of Highlight Cleats made famous by Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton?

    No one is sure just yet, but it would be a great add to the ensemble of Picasso-like uniforms that are sure to come at some point this season for the Terps.

    Maryland simply can’t help that it is keeping it real with state pride. You've got to love it.

Maryland Home Uniforms for 2012

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    This season, the Maryland team will not only don the “Pride” uniforms from a year ago, it will also break out some new home-and-away jersey sets.

    The home uniforms will have red tops—which is traditional for the Terps—and white pants. There is nothing that is too exciting about it at first glance.

    The helmets, on the other hand, are a big change compared with the traditional tops that used to spell out “Terps.” The new helmets have a banner wrap that carries the colors of the state flag. Every now and then, it’s cool to dump tradition permanently.

    This is one of those times. 

The Away Uniforms for 2012

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    The new away uniforms will have white tops and red pants with the same helmet design as the home version of the Terrapin duds.

    The one distinction that is obvious is the different gloves that they will wear. Maryland’s away uniforms are clean and are not too over the top. They integrate a new red-to-black Highlight cleat that is produced by Under Armour.

    I give the nod of approval for these unis and commend the Terps for keeping with the state pride theme,  even with the “normal”—if you can call them that—uniforms that they will don this fall.

The Terp Helmet

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    Very rarely do crazy lids look good once the design lands on the field, but these shellback looking helmets were another winner from the 2011 season that needs to resurface.

    Will it happen? Time will tell, but if the Terps want to make a subtle but different splash again this fall this is the way to go.

    I really like the shellback look to these helmets, but finding the right uniform to mix this dome in with may be something that Maryland and UA designers need to run from. This helmet would make a good comeback as an additional option for the home jersey.

    Make it happen Maryland.