Viral Video of the Day: Benfica Captain Luisao Knocks Down Referee

Michael Cummings@MikeCummings37World Football Lead WriterAugust 13, 2012

Life can be tough sometimes for referees.

On an average workday, an average referee must run several kilometers, keep up with world-class athletes, make split-second decisions that affect people's livelihoods and, if he's handling a Chelsea game, endure 90 minutes of John Terry's cursing.

And then there are days like the one above.

On the day in the video above, which serves as Monday's B/R World Football Viral Video of the Day, referee Christian Fischer is embroiled in an angry confrontation with Benfica captain Luisao.

The confrontation occurred during a preseason match between Benfica and newly promoted Bundesliga side Fortuna Dusseldorf.

Incensed by Fischer's decision to send off Benfica's Javi Garcia for a second yellow card, Luisao knocks Fischer to the pitch.

Then, things get interesting.

Fischer stays on the ground, apparently knocked cold for a few moments. The match, which was supposed to be a friendly, is abandoned in the 39th minute.

It's hard to see what happens, but in the slow-motion replays, it almost looks like Luisao head-butts Fischer. If nothing else, he runs at him aggressively and knocks him over.

Later, Benfica's players accused Fischer of taking a dive. Per Metro:

"I was surprised. I did not make any aggressive move. I tried to be ahead of my colleagues and I saw the referee fall," said Luisao.  "I tried to talk to the assistants still on the pitch to explain my intention."

Sure you did. And they probably ran for the hills.

What do you say, readers? Good form, or worthy of a lengthy ban?