WWE Fires AW; Are Darren Young and Titus O'Neil Screwed?

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistAugust 13, 2012

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

AW's firing this past weekend created a domino effect laced with political ramifications and punctuated with an ongoing Twitter tirade by AW. 

As the loudmouth, heat-seeking former manager of the up-and-coming tag team the Prime Time Players (consisting of athletic workhorse Darren Young and green hoss Titus O'Neil), AW was an integral part of any future success to be enjoyed by the brash, young duo. 

Without AW, the Prime Time Players are just another tag team in a lukewarm division. Ask Primo and Epico how that's worked out thus far. 

So, without their once-trusty mouthpiece, are the Prime Time Players screwed?  

The short answer to this question is yes. The long answer? Absolutely.  

And while there isn't enough built-in talent (yet) or natural charisma amongst the Prime Time Players tag team to carry them to the promise land sans AW, perhaps there is a bright side to be considered.

With three hours of RAW every week, tag team wrestling seems to be the biggest beneficiary of extra time laying around as the WWE looks to feature more content. 

The promotion has actually been surprisingly disciplined in their wrestling to variety show ratio as social media threat levels are barely hitting yellow. 

Young and O'Neil can't finish what AW started on their own. The key to salvaging any potential that was previously cultivated between them is to possibly insert another manager since neither Young or O'Neil have ever moved mountains on the microphone (h/t YouTube).

If Rosa Mendes' bizarre love triangle (h/t TMZ) blows over quickly enough, the WWE could make sense out of her turning her back on Primo and Epico—who, unlike the Prime Time Players, can get by on wrestling ability alone—while sugar-coating AW's departure as a well-thought-out bait and switch on the part of AW's success-minded and cutthroat former tag team.  

In fact, with the Divas division apparently on the brink of extinction, there could be a handful of currently-bored, spirited valets who serve as a nice complement to the exuberant, cocky hip-hop theme embodied by the Prime Time Players. 

And if the WWE has completely given up hope on this experiment, Hornswoggle is always aching for work. 

Whatever the future holds for the Prime Time Players, rest assured it's not nearly as bright as the neon trunks they once self-assuredly gyrated in while their vocal meal ticket watched and narrated in approval.

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