WWE: Why Creative Is in Danger of Blowing It with The Miz and the IC Strap

Anthony SalvatoreCorrespondent IIAugust 12, 2012

Look...me back when I was a total jerk...
Look...me back when I was a total jerk...

Hey in Bleacher Land!

As I mentioned in a previous article, stripping Cody Rhodes of the Intercontinental Championship was a mistake.  First off, Cody Rhodes was beginning to restore luster to a tarnished Intercontinental Championship.  Secondly, having the Championship allowed creative to show off a great talent with fantastic potential.

They blew it and gave it to Christian.

Cody who?

But maybe all was not lost.  Christian is a veteran and respected wrestler.  He had...well, charisma!  He, certainly could continue to rehabilitate so prestigious a title.

A short time later they gave the strap to the Miz who was once the WWE Champion but had most recently jobbed to Brodus Clay.


Somebody call his momma.

But this was a good thing.  It was a great match.  Miz looked downright dangerous.  He had a clean title defense.  Okay...WWE wants to re-vitalize the IC Championship with a former WWE Champ in the middle of a renaissance in his career.

And then Aug.10 happened.

Really?  Really??  The newly crowned Intercontinental Champion loses to Rey Mysterio.

Can someone PLEASE explain what in Hades WWE creative is doing?

Look, it was a good match.  But this is one that I feel the Miz totally should have won and WWE really blew it by booking him to lose on several levels.

Level 1, Whenever the Champion loses in a non-title matches, it makes the Championship and Champion look weaker.  A Champion means 'Best.'  From time to time, the mantle of 'Best' will travel from one brow (or in this case waist) to another. 

But when they lose in a non-title match-up, it causes one to question, whether this champion was so great to begin with and if he or she is not so great, then maybe the championship is not worth all that much.

Now from time to time, like a mosquito bite, a little nick here or there in an established champion or championship will not effect it all that much. 

But the championships in WWE have been bled to death from a thousand cuts for some time now.  This brings me to my second level... 

Having Miz lose to Rey Mysterio does little for Rey and damages the Miz and the Intercontinental Championship.

I have only recently become a Miz fan.  I have always been a Rey fan.  This opinion is not partisan.

But look at it logically.  A returning Rey gains little from beating a Miz who is being rehabilitated after a major career slump.  Rey would have lost little by losing a close match to the same Miz, especially if it was a less-than-clean win.

But Miz and the strap lost a lot at the worst time.

Miz is on the mend.  They are setting Miz up as a comeback, a leaner, meaner, more serious and more dangerous wrestler.  One who captured the Intercontinental Championship, a strap that has been worth about as much as a program or T-Shirt until recently.  They had given a series of credible champions to a championship that was once worth so much.

It was worth so much because you had great wrestlers, who beat many great opponents.  A comical Honky Tonk Man beat, as the Intercontinental Champion with the longest single reign, the likes of Ricky Steamboat, Jake Roberts, and Randy Savage.  It took Anabol...Ultimate Warrior to strip him of it. 

Look at some others who have held the strap: 

Pedro Morales. 

Tito Santana. 

Pat Patterson. 

Randy Savage. 

Ricky Steamboat.

This does not even begin to scratch the surface.

Look how far this championship has fallen.

To get it back to that level again will take years.  It will take STRONG champions.  Not one who lost a match (albeit a good one) to a wrestler who will not be with the company more than a few years.  Miz has many more years and the potential to be one of the greats.

Miz deserves to look as dangerous as he can be and gain momentum in his comeback.

The Intercontinental Championship deserves to have dominating champions 'til such times as a new dominating champion comes along.

I love Rey.

He should have lost to The Miz.

I welcome your comments.