The Road To Wrestlemania Has Begun: What Path Will the Divas Take?

Christi LottCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2009

We are soon to be only a month away from the greatest night in wrestling: Wrestlemania.

More importantly, it's the 25th anniversary. This could be a big night for our Divas as well. This is the first year we can get two title matches as well, the first year without a Playboy-inspired match, and even a rumored return of the great Trish Stratus. Here's what I think we should get.

WWE Women's Championship Match: Melina(c) vs. Mickie James

It's amazing to me that the WWE's most popular Diva has only been in one Wrestlemania match, the great one against Trish where she on her first title.

Meanwhile, Melina has had two straight appearances, all with a Playboy taint on them, and both were nothing special. Right now the two of them are on the same side.

For me, I don't think Mickie will be wrestling for much longer, and she was nothing short of spectacular when she was a psycho heel. Do you remember the fans turning on Trish in that WM match? I think one last turn would be great for Mickie, as it's hard to boo her in general.

Although I prefer Melina as a heel, she will obviously have to continue in the top face role. I think the two of them in a title match will be a great site, as they have had some great matches and seem to bring out the best. I'd like Mickie to get one more run and feud with Kelly Kelly to give her a good rub before ultimately saying goodbye to wrestling.

WWE Diva's Championship Match: Maryse(c) vs. Gail Kim

The rumor is that Gail Kim will not be debuting until after Wrestlemania but I personally prefer a WM surprise return or she shows up a la Christian within the next two weeks.

The WWE seems to be strongly behind Maryse as they could've easily taken the title off her when she got injured. I was more tempted to put Michelle McCool in the match, but the two of them facing off as heels will be tough.

I don't want McCool to regain the title just yet and feud with Gail because it will be too rushed. I'd like to see their possible program run through the summer. The cool decision would be for Maryse to sneak in a win or at least cheat, but it would be nice to see Gail win at WM of all places.

Possible Match (My Dream Match): Trish Stratus vs. Beth vs. Natalya

How cool would this match be? When was the last time the Divas were involved in a Triple Threat match? More importantly, the match would showcase the two best women's wrestlers on the roster going up against the most popular women's wrestler of all time.

These three seem to have a great amount of respect for each other, and the match could have some unbelievable highlights, especially the epic nature of Natalya fighting Beth.

Trish seems like the type who would come back and let one of these women defeat her for a good rub. I believe Natalya definitely needs it more. Many people are upset with how she's been used, and a win over Trish would mend that. It could also set up a feud between her and Beth, which would be a nice change of pace.