Oregon Football: QuackCave Shows That Ducks Understand Today's Recruiting

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2012

Via djcoregon.com
Via djcoregon.com

Late last week, it was announced that the Oregon Ducks were taking their social media presence to the next level with the creation of the QuackCave, according to the official site of Oregon athletics

The creation of the QuackCave is the first of its kind in college football and is something that will connect the fans with the school on a greater level. The QuackCave will be used to monitor social media and interact with fans throughout the year. 

While the QuackCave is not a huge deal, it does show that Oregon continues to be an innovative force in college football and is continuing to understand that the school must evolve as the way that recruits minds' change. 

For the Ducks, they have realized that they don't have the storied history that other schools can lean on, so they have become innovative in the way that they run their program.

In today's age, recruits are more conscious of social media and recent trends, and the Ducks are making sure they have all of their bases cover.

For a recruit that comes on campus, the Ducks can offer them state-of-the-art training and athletic facilities, a direct partnership with Nike, new and cutting-edge uniforms and a frenzied fanbase. 

With the addition of the QuackCave, Oregon is now growing its footprint throughout social media. The exposure that the Ducks will get because of this is unknown, but they have always been a program that have been in the headlines for one reason or another over the past decade.

The QuackCave is a big step for Oregon. While to some it may seem insignificant, Oregon continues to show that instead of being reactive, it will be proactive in making sure that it is on the leading edge of innovation. 

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