Go Zags or No Zags in March?

Danny TContributor IFebruary 25, 2009

Having watched just about every Gonzaga game this season, it seems they are again giving us a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde act. This has really become a staple of their squad the past few years (no pun intended).

One game they might shoot lights out and bury a team that should have put up a fight, the following game, they may struggle to defeat the lowliest WCC opponent. Let's look at a couple of factors that seem to be an issue when this team is either flying high, or getting waxed.

A big problem The Zags have had this season is giving up offensive boards. When their opponents are getting second and third chances, the team is in a constant fight to secure a "W" and put a team away.

With Sacre out, Will Foster should add some serious help when resting Josh Heytvelt.

However, it seems that Foster has no instinct when it comes to getting into position and that usually his rebounds come from just happening to be in the right place at the right time.

You'd think a guy that's over 7' should get every board, period, but that is not the case. Josh does a decent job of getting the rebounds when he is in, but the team as a whole gives up too many boards on defense.

"If Bouldin shows, The Zags Glow—if Bouldin doesn't show, The Zags Blow. I've heard people insert Pargo's name in this same type of sentence, but it has become very evident throughout the season, that Matt Bouldin is The Zags most well-rounded player.

Chances are he will garner the WCC POY award come season's end too. When Matt is playing with the raw talent that he has, he gives the Zags an energy that allows them to compete with any team in the nation. If an opponent can shut him down (see Memphis), it's a completely different story.

Lastly The Zags need to be able to trust PG Jeremy Pargo with the ball in crunch time. This kid is an outstading talent, but some questionable decisions in a few big games is all that separates the Zags from a second seed and whatever they will get come Mar. 15.

At the beginning of the season, Gonzaga was a very sexy pick to make it to the Final Four. However, uneven play by Austin Daye, some very uncharacteristic mistakes by Pargo, and the on and off ability to secure the offensive boards battle leaves many questioning, "Which Zags team will show up in March, and just how far will they go before they ruin my bracket?"