This Just in: Detroit Pistons Hit Rock Bottom

Omari Sankofa IIContributor IApril 2, 2017

Somebody pinch me—this must be a nightmare.

Please, somebody wake me up. I mean it. This can't be happening.

I can understand a slight downgrade after a major trade.

But this is ridiculous.

After a legacy of six Eastern Conference Championships, two NBA Finals, and one Ring, the Pistons fall to below .500 for the first time since 2001.

A year ago, it seemed improbable, no, impossible, for me to have to write these words. But here I am doing it. No words can describe what is the main problem with the Pistons.

Are they lazy? Maybe.

Are they lethargic? It's probable.

Do they even care at this point? It doesn't seem like it.

But hey, we saw it coming. They started to settle for mediocrity right after Ben Wallace left. But we didn't know that it would accelerate so quickly.

We thought that Joe D could save us before it was too late.

We thought that Stuckey would become our Superman and guide us to the finish line.

We thought that Rasheed would realize that he is not a guard.

We thought, we thought, we thought.

I guess we thought wrong.

As it turns out, Rodney Stuckey is a shooting guard, not a Chauncey Billups.

Who knew?

So where do we go from here? Should we try to make a fantastic run to the playoffs. Or should we play it safe and go for the lottery. Hey, at the rate were going, I pick the lottery.

We might even land a winner this time. (Darko anyone?)