Michigan Football: Alvin Bailey Has UM in Top 4; Impact on Laquon Treadwell

Colan LamontAnalyst IIAugust 12, 2012

Wide receiver Alvin Bailey has told Chris Nee of 247sports.com that he is edging closer to a decision on where he wants to play his college football, claiming the Michigan Wolverines are among his group of leaders.

Bailey said of his recruitment: “I think I might make my decision probably after the second week after the season starts.”

Michigan faces some stiff competition if it is interested in him because it will be going up against Georgia, UCF and Florida.

Bailey admits that Central Florida is the favorite for his services right now.

What makes this interesting to me is the fact that Bailey still has an interest in Michigan, as most would have assumed it would have waned when he saw how hard the team was chasing Laquon Treadwell.

I'm sure Treadwell is still the preferred receiver, but Bailey offers great upside and playmaking ability.

The reason Treadwell is the better prospect is because he is already a No. 1 receiver at 6'3''. Bailey's 5'11" frame doesn't really suggest he could be a consistent red-zone threat.

With Treadwell quite rightly wanting to take more visits to assess his options, is it at all possible that Bailey could become a Michigan commit if he is interested enough?

Florida product Bailey keeps a little more quiet on the recruiting front than Treadwell, but the notion that it is Treadwell or bust for Michigan may be a little exaggerated.

I'm not so sure that Treadwell is a lock to join Michigan anymore, and his recent comments to Yancy Porter of scout.com suggest he may not fit the Michigan mold. When Treadwell described why he likes the offense of Ole Miss, he also explained a polar opposite to Michigan:

"They run an up-tempo spread offense. Every run play is designed as a passing play. The receivers don't always have to block. They get the ball in your hands. We watched a lot of film from their spring game and practices, and I saw a lot of opportunities to go and make some big plays. They catch a lot of hitches, screens, and bubble screens, and get you out in open spaces. When the defense sneaks in they go over the top. It's just an offense that's very receiver friendly. That's the best way I can put it."

Although Michigan is still atop Treadwell's list, it wouldn't be all bad if 4-star Bailey had to step up in his place.