WWE Opinion: Will the Company Debut a Mixed Tag Team Championship?

The EndAnalyst IAugust 12, 2012

Mixed Tag Championship Prototype
Mixed Tag Championship Prototype

"The Divas division gets no time. The tag-team division is almost non-existent. Why not merge the two and make a combined championship?"

—My cousin (the same guy who puts pictures on my articles)


Perhaps, the Olympics had something to do with this remark, as we had just watched highlights of the mixed doubles in tennis.

Initially, I dismissed the idea as the ramblings of somebody who doesn't know the business. But, as we argued, I sensed he had a point.

The Divas and tag-team divisions are among the most neglected—although all the other championships are very neglected as well—divisions in the WWE. It often takes me 10 seconds to remember the reigning Divas Champion and a couple of minutes to remember who she won it from.

The tag-team titles are almost the same. While I know that Li'l Jimmy is the team mascot of the current champions, I have a very hard time trying to recall when they last defended it. It doesn't help that the company just fired the manager of the team that was supposed to get a title shot.

Honestly, the only recent team that I actually recall as tag team champions are Primo and Epico. And, a lot of credit for that memory has to go to Rosa Mendes. I also recall that, last year, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger had tried to win the titles. I clearly remember Vickie Guerrero yelling during a title match.

Do you see a pattern emerging?

Both the tag-team titles and the Divas titles have been booked unremarkably. But, when a Diva has been associated with a tag team, it has been easier to recall.

Since both the titles have failed to be relevant on their own, why not make a change? Why not merge the two divisions into a super-division contesting for the mixed tag team championship?

We already get too many random mixed tag-team matches. Some of them involve Santino Marella and a random diva, others involve The Great Khali and another random diva. Why not make this scenario less random by making the teams longer-lived as they challenge for a championship?

As an added bonus, the Creative team can find better reasons to make love/lust storylines involving their favorite divas—who can then be put to better use than farting backstage. (Although, perhaps, we can also have a "Fartcore Championship"—the kids will love that, eh? "24/7 rule," anyone?)

Maybe we can see Eve Torres teaming up with a new midcard (or undercard/jobber) superstar each week trying to win the titles from the spectacular team of Khali and Mae Young. And, perhaps the Puerto Rican tag-team of Primo y Epico will be broken up by Rosa just to see who can win the titles with her.

But, we know how this will end—Santino Marella will team up with his sister, Santina, and dominate the division, like he has dominated the current midcard with his United States Championship reign.


Note: If you are a member of WWE Creative, please disregard any "lightbulb-moments" you had when you were reading the article above. You have already done enough bad booking without using my genius cousin's ideas.