Patrick Witt Responds to Ridiculous Rumors That He Tried to Sabotage Cody Green

Jeff WilliamsAnalyst IFebruary 25, 2009

Patrick Witt responds to ridiculous rumors that he tried to sabotage Cody Green:

"After Witt officially announced on Sunday that he was leaving the Huskers, internet chat rooms started rumors on why. Monday afternoon, many were convinced the rumors of Witt trying to sabotage freshman quarterback Cody Green were true. The chat rooms and message boards had Witt teaching Green the wrong signals.

"Witt has declined an interview request on the subject but does send this text message to Matt Perrault, the host of the 'Big Show' on Big Sports 590, our sister radio station. The text states:

"'Ha ha, I heard that rumor too. We don’t use any signals, so I don’t see how that would even be possible. Plus, Cody Green was in Zac’s group, not mine.'"


It is a shame that people have to trash Patrick Witt for leaving the Husker program.

Put yourself in Witt’s shoes: You come to Nebraska to be coached by Bill Callahan, and a new coach comes in with a defensive mindset and favors a mobile QB.

Witt decides to stick around after the coaching change but feels that Nebraska is looking for a QB with a different set of skills than your own.

So you transfer. It happens. Witt isn’t a Pelini or a Shawn Watson guy.

I actually think Witt leaving can be a positive for the Husker program. It makes the QB competition less crowded and allows the three remaining QBs to get more reps in practice.

While at Nebraska, he got a 4.0 in the classroom and had a minor scrap with the law due to being drunk, but overall, he represented UNL well during his time here.

Give him credit for also staying with the program for the first year of the Bo Pelini Era.

So let him transfer. I think this will work out well for both parties involved.