The Nickel: RAW and ECW Kept The Train Going, Can Smackdown Keep Up Progression?

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 25, 2009

Vickie Guerrero and her Stalker

Smackdown will get tons of help this week when John Cena arrives. It has been about two years since we seen the chaingang commander wrestle on friday nights. VicKie Guerrero is temporaily the GM of RAW, so she's controlling both shows. She gave us a weak main event of Chavo vs. John Cena.

Luckily RAW was carried by Triple H, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and Ricky Steamboat, and HBK of course. John Cena will be there nevertheless and Vickie has to be ready. She threw Chavo at him and wants the ratings for Smackdown, so we'll most likely see Cena vs Big Show.

He'll be in familiar and unfamiliar territory Friday night. This is almost to hard to screw up. Cena on Smackdown...make it work.

MVP and Shelton Benjamin

I had to reserve a spot on the Nickel for Benjamin of course. MVP is great too. Here we have two great mid card wrestlers. The beauty about these two is that they aren't Brian Kendrick, they're great.

They can be main eventers if WWE gives them a chance. The two are heading into a feud of sorts. These two are very vital and can play a special role going into Wrestlemania. I would say have them both compete in Money In The Bank qualifying matches and have both of the win.

With RAW having just one MITB match and ECW having none, Smackdown should be having one or none. CM Punk is in the MITB. Can we see MVP vs Shelton Benjamin for the U.S. title at WM? Whatever the road my lead them it's time to saddle them up and move them along WWE. Hee Haww

The Hardys

This is good story. WWE is kind of diligent with it, I see effort. "WHAT WWE USING EFFORT!" I don't say that they don't, but haven't been doing so much lately as they dropped two balls already this year (see: Kane and Kelly kelly/Knox and Mysterio).

The showdown between the brothers is inevitable, but WWE is still going slow and steady on this one. I don't really expect the Hardy match to go down on Smackdown. Jeff is still showing resistance in some form and WWE knows they want to save it for Wrestlemania. Tha is fine, just give us something on Friday.


Smackdown will have to pick up from where RAW left off. Cena and Edge are heating up, so Cena should make a splash on Smackdown. HBK defeated JBL and moved one step closer to earn the right to challenge Undertaker at Wrestlemania, then he was destroyed by Vladimir Koslov.

HBK isn't as livid as Cena, so I don't expect him to show up. The two have a match on next Monday's RAW. HBK will get his hands...feet on Koslov and his chin. Smackdown can continue the flow by giving Koslov the mic or somethimg. He isn't that great but let him call out HBK and grab some heat It doesn't hurt, it's transition.

RAW had a MITB, so can Smackdown have one as well? Triple H could also use some transition. The man destroyed everything but Legacy with his Sledgehammer on RAW. How does he feel?

What is his next move? Can Orton cut a studio segment? How about having Orton show up on Smackdown? The latter is very unlikely though. WWE has options, let's see what they can do.

The Rest

I really had four topics to discuss but it wouldn't be a "Nickel" without five. What else should be seen on Smackdown? Umaga should be in action. I would love to see R-Truth.

As a matter of fact, put him in action.


You down with that? I know I am. Where's my man Mr. Kennedy? We have to see him back in the ring soon, he's great talent to the Smackdown, and to Wrestlemania