We Are the Nation of Domination

RykzCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2009

For a few weeks now, I have been writing on bringing a wrestling stable in with the last article being on The Ministry of Darkness.

With the great success of stables in the past im surprised WWE hasn't pounced on the idea on having a heel stable on Smackdown.


Nation of Domination 

When I say the new Nation of Domination, I'm not talking about the stable Faarooq led with Savio Vega and Crush, I"m talking about the all African-American one.

On June 16, 1997 edition of Raw is War, Faarooq promised that he would deliver a "bigger and blacker" version of the Nation.

This is when he brought in the likes of Kama Mustafa and Ahmed Johnson to the Nation, which already included D Lo Brown.

Johnson would be forced out the group due to injury, he was replaced by Rocky Maivia.

Meanwhile former Nation members Vega and Crush formed their own rival factions, Los Boricuas was made of entirely of Hispanic and Latino wrestlers and the Disciples of Apocalypse had entirely Caucasian biker wrestlers in it.

This led to the WWF style of "gang war" based on racism.


The New Nation of Domination

There angle could be that the African American wrestlers in the WWE are not getting the same push as the rest. With the same old wrestler holding the title time and again the Nation would get sick and tired of this and demand there chance of being the top dog.

These are the wrestlers who i think could be in the New Nation. 

Shelton Benjamin

Confident, young and with an abundance of talent he would be the perfect leader of the new Nation. His argument could be that he has never gets a WWE title match regardless of what he has done in the WWE.


I could see The Rock and Faarooq angle for MVP and Benjamin. Not happy with being second in command but still bares it. MVP has been US champion before and i think this would give him a chance to have a long run with it again.

R Truth

Truth brings a different element to the stable with his unorthodox wrestling style. He is a former TNA Heavyweight champion and i believe could get his big push here. WWE  haven't really used him to the best of there abilities.

Ezekiel Jackson and Mark Henry

Henry will bring that experience that the team lacks and with Jackson being such powerhouse himself they could be one of the most powerful tag team the WWE has seen in years.


The impact the former Nation left was great and we got the Great one The Rock out of it.

Race maybe not a issue it use to be but it is still there and the Nation was a great way of demonstrating the talent that the African American wrestlers brought to the stage.

I can't really say this is a push for the younger stars, but I would love to see the control taken away from Vickie.

Well, let me know what you think.