WWE: Why Eve Should Be Assistant to GM Booker T on SmackDown

John Canton@johnreportContributor IIIAugust 11, 2012

Photo credit WWE
Photo credit WWE

This week on SmackDown, there was a backstage segment in General Manager Booker T's office where he was approached by WWE Diva Eve Torres about being a part of his staff as an assistant. Booker quickly told her that they don't have any jobs.

Their meeting was interrupted by Booker's Senior Adviser Teddy Long, who had WWE Diva Kaitlyn with him. She asked Booker if she could be his assistant. Booker immediately said she was hired while Eve was standing right there.

Eve was furious with Booker's decision to give Kaitlyn the job. She threatened to take this matter up with the Board of Directors. Not wanting to deal with that, Booker decided to do the fair thing by putting Eve in a match with Kaitlyn next week. The winner of the match gets to be Booker's assistant on SmackDown.

I think it's in the best interest of SmackDown to make Eve the assistant to the GM. Here are three reasons why.


1) She was good in a similar role when she was working for John Laurinaitis.

I'll be the first to admit that when Eve was a babyface character in WWE from 2008 to 2011 she didn't catch my eye. While it's obvious that she's a gorgeous woman that's easy on the eyes, she lacked a personality. She never did anything to stand out from the pack.

Earlier this year Eve turned heel. It was one of the better turns the divas division has ever seen because she went from a nobody to a somebody. While her evil diva character wasn't anything out of the ordinary, it was different for her. More importantly, it was better for her.

Her run as the Executive Administrator proved that she was very good at being a heel in an authoritative role. I was upset when it ended because I thought she had a lot of potential going forward.

Plus, there's not a person in WWE that looks better in a business suit than Eve. To quote the GM himself, awww shucky ducky quack quack.


2) There needs to be a heel in a position of power.

When AJ was hired as the GM of Raw on July 23rd, it was obvious they would book her as a babyface GM. My assumption was the GM of SmackDown would be a heel to keep them unique in terms of how go about running their shows. That assumption proved to be wrong on my part.

I think when both GMs are on the same side of the heel/face fence, it can be boring. If Eve were to at least be an assistant to Booker then there can be some heel influence there. They could do something where Booker is off one week, so Eve would be in control and then things would be more heel-heavy.


3) It keeps her out of the ring.

I'm not saying this to be mean, but the fact is that she's just average in terms of being an in-ring performer. You can't compare her to the best women's wrestlers in the company like Beth Phoenix or Natalya because she's unable to do a lot of the things that they can do.

Eve's a good athlete. That's obvious. She is trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy where she has earned a blue belt. As we've seen over the years, though, being a good athlete doesn't always translate to being a good professional wrestler. In her case there's something left to be desired.


In Closing

When you consider those three points, plus the fact that Eve is on the new NBC television show Stars Earn Stripes, I think it's a smart move to put her in a role that will give her a bigger presence on SmackDown.

In the end, whoever Booker's assistant is won't be a big deal. It's a role player in the grand scheme of things. I just hope, for the sake of storylines, that Eve is the GM's assistant because I think it suits her better.

Kaitlyn's personality to this point is of a fun-loving babyface, but that's mostly from her NXT days. She's yet to have a consistent role on Raw or SmackDown. Perhaps this is a way to give her a bigger role. I think it's unlikely because with a babyface Booker as GM, a babyface adviser in Teddy Long and a babyface assistant like Kaitlyn that would really be overkill.

We will find out who wins this "important" match at Tuesday's SmackDown taping in Austin, Texas. If it was a vote I would pick Eve. Since it's not, let's hope the creative team agrees with me.


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