Potential In The L.A. Clippers

Sean StancillSenior Writer IMarch 13, 2008

The Los Angeles Lakers are arguably the best team in the city of L.A. and California. The Clipper,s however, aren't. They currently posses a 21-42 record, good for 12th best in the Western Conference and 24th in the league. They just lost Sam Cassell, perhaps their best player this season and are 2-8 in their last 10 games, shouldn't they blue?

The answer is no, they have no reason to. Sure they have a had horrible season, but they can account for that with Elton Brand's untimely injury and Shaun Livingston's reoccuring knee trouble. No one expected this team to win the Conference, let alone their division so there's no surprise that their not doing as well without their two stars.

But with losing comes experience. It builds composure and character. In other words, the Clippers are high in both of those categories right now, but enough of their downfalls. There is a positive side down in the L.A.C that many people have not seen due to the Lakers re-emergence atop the West. Many people around the NBA have overlooked L.A.C. because of that very fact. I will reveal the good side and everything good with the Los Angeles Cilppers.

Al Thornton

The first year forward out of FSU has notched A former third-team All American selection in college, Thornton is ranked fourth in ESPN's 2007-08 NBA Rookie Class: Top 50. He's also posted 33 points on two seperate occasions, which is his career high in points. Al won't blow you away with any one aspect of the game, but he is solid all around and looks to be a special player someday. Al Thornton averages 11.9 PPG and 4.2 RPG.

Chris Kaman

Kaman finally decided to come alive after all these years, such a shame that Brand and Livingston got hurt or else this could've turned into a trio. Kaman has had a career year raising his point total from 10.1 to 16 and rebound total from 7.8 to 13.1. The four-year starter is ranked in the Top 10 in 10 different statistical categories and will be one of the game's best centers in the near future. Chris is currently injured with a sprained left foot.

Shaun Livingston

The team's young star guard has been hurt since on February 26,2007 when he came down wrong after a missed layup attempt and dislocated his kneecap. Livingston showed much promise early on last year when he helped the team comprise a 40-42 record. A year before that, Shaun came off the bench to relieve Sam Cassell during the team's most recent playoff run.

Corey Maggette

The Duke alum has been this team's breadwinner averaging 22.1 PPG up from last year's 16.9 PPG. Corey is also a good free throw shooter, shooting 82.3 percent over his career. The seven-year veteran continues to play his hardest night in night out, translating into his point total, most of the Clippers' offensive output and nothing else.

Cuttino Mobley

The NBA journeyman has played for over four teams in his nine years as a pro; including the Clippers, Rockets, Kings, and Magic. His scoring average has declined over the years slipping from 17.8 in 04-05, to 14.8 05-06, to 13.8 06-707, now down to 12.9. Mobley is no longer know as a homerun hitter but a conservative veteran that with the right amount of space can still make defenders pay and coaches mad.

I have decided not to list Elton Brand, seeing is how he hasn't played in a single Clippers' game this season and because everyone knows what he is capable of and he is simply a terror when healthy. The Clippers have alright talent and they will get more talnet thanks to their poor record and may collect a lottery pick if lucky.