Can Kaval Be The Next Big Thing In WWE?

Jason LaBountyContributor IFebruary 25, 2009

Next big thing?

At 5 feet 8 inches and 185 pounds, it doesn't seem likely, as size shouldn't matter, but in Vince's version of professional wrestling it's virtually the only thing that matters.

Kaval, formally known as Low Ki on the independent circuit and Senshi in TNA, has traveled all over the world for the last ten years on his way to becoming one of the best wrestlers in the world.

This does not matter to Vince.

Kaval signed a developmental contract with WWE in January and has been wrestling in WWE's developmental territory , Florida Championship Wrestling. The fact that Kaval is wrestling in WWE's farm system and isn't on the main roster shows that they don't even know what they have in the 29-year-old Brooklyn native.

When you watch WWE programming, 90 percent of the wrestlers are over six feet tall and the ones that aren't are high flyers. Although Kaval can take it to the air, he has a very hard hitting style that isn't considered WWE style. This is what makes Kaval unique and being called up to the main roster would be a breath of fresh air.

This does not matter to Vince.

"It's not the size of the fighter, but the size of the fight he will bring".

That quote has been used by Kaval for years during his promos and if you've ever seen his matches against Samoa Joe, Necro Butcher and KENTA you will know that this isn't just a catchphrase. That quote sums up how he wrestles.

With the legendary Rey Mysterio and the recently called up Evan Bourne already on the main roster, there may not be a spot for another "small wrestler" right now. With all of these things going against Kaval, it makes you wonder why they signed him in the first place. My hope is that whoever made the call sees in him what I see in him and gets him on TV in a role where he can shine.

'Passion breeds opportunity."

That is another quote that Kaval has used in the past. Hopefully his passion will be enough to break through in a place where the cream isn't always allowed to rise to the top.