Milwaukee Brewers In the News (2/25)

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Milwaukee Brewers In the News (2/25)


Tired of waking up tired...

Tired of waking up tired.

Brewers News

SPRING TRAINING GAMES START TODAY! Brewers vs. Athletics. Suppan vs. Outman.


In other news:


Minor Leagues

Baseball America has their Top 100 prospects out!

1-20 (Brewers: 19, Alcides Escobar)

21-40 (Brewers: 34, Mat Gamel)

41-60 (No Brewers)

61-80 (No Brewers)

81-100 (Brewers: 81, Brett Lawrie 100, Jeremy Jeffress)

The T-Rats have a cool opportunity on April 8th. For $30, you could eat dinner with the new T-Rats at the Wave Bar and Ballroom (For a $300 table, they’ll even send one to sit with you). Gord Ash is the featured guest.

NL Central

Carlos Zambrano might pitch in the WBC. That’s fine with me—I’m up for some spring training/WBC tantrums.

Other News

Time to get ready for the season, eh Softball Guy?

There’s still time to send in your contest entry for a chance to win a free shirt. Just need your top four choices, who you think will win, how many votes will be cast (last year there was 3000 total throughout the voting, so take that how you will), your name and address.

Ben Hendrickson sighting! (Twins)

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