The Most Annoying College Football Stadium Traditions

Barry Leonard@@barryleonardjrAnalyst IIIAugust 11, 2012

The Most Annoying College Football Stadium Traditions

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    College football is perhaps the best sporting event to witness live. The atmosphere is electric at college stadiums each week. Win or lose, fans fill the stadium with pride for their school. The student section, cheerleaders, and band are all things that help add to the exciting atmosphere.

    There is nothing better than attending a big college game on a Saturday afternoon.

    The only thing that could ruin your time is if you have to experience one of these stadium traditions. This list is comprised of five things that seem cool at first, but quickly turn annoying. In fact these traditions could be considered downright pointless and have nothing to do with the game of football.

    Unfortunately, it can be difficult to avoid some of these traditions. Peer pressure often leads to participation. Only two of these traditions are school-specific (thanks to the state of Florida). That means you could run into them anywhere.

    The list starts at number five and works its way down to the most annoying college football stadium tradition.

    Remember, college football is a great game and a blast to attend live. Just try not to get roped into participating in or enjoying these silly antics.

5. The Gator Chomp

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    We have the University of Florida to thank for bringing us this ridiculous tradition. While the football team has been great, this is not.

    Fans at Florida celebrate a big play by "chomping" their hands together to imitate an alligator's mouth. What makes this annoying is that fact that it is done so often (partly because of all the big plays at Florida) and it just doesn't make sense.

    I guess it's supposed to intimidate the other team, but it just makes the crowd look silly.

    If you choose not to participate, you will be getting smacked by everyone around you. You have no choice if you want to defend your personal space.

    Thankfully there is only one college football team named the Gators.

4. The Stadium Sing-Along

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    The stadium sing-along is a tradition that can be found at stadiums all across the country. This is what happens when you get a bunch of people together who have probably consumed a few too many beverages.

    This tradition is tough to avoid. It pulls you in no matter how hard you try to defy it. When everyone around you starts singing, you just have to join along.

    The funny thing about the stadium sing-along is that the music is usually way older than any of the students. You probably won't hear an entire stadium belting out Britney Spears.

    At Ohio State, fans traditionally break out in song to the classic "Hang on Sloopy". A visit to Penn State will treat you to a rousing rendition of Neil Diamond's timeless classic "Sweet Caroline".

    I thought that those 100,000 fans were there to watch a football game. Instead, they turn the stadium into a giant karaoke bar.

3. The Cannon Shot

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    The cannon shot makes No. 3 on this list just because of how loud and silly it is. Now, there are a few teams where I get it. The West Virginia Mountaineers and the Tennessee Volunteers: they make sense.

    Rutgers Scarlet Knights, not so much?

    I get the idea behind having a cannon. It's a celebration of a touchdown. But come on, just play some loud music. Often times there are male cheerleaders or mascots running the cannon. I'm sure they are not professionals when it comes to firearms.

    If more schools used fireworks when a touchdown is scored, I would put that on the list. I don't need a loud bang that's going to scare the you know what out of me at a football game. Not to mention, little kids being frightened every time it goes off.

    Just score your touchdown and show me the cheerleaders celebrating or running a flag around the field.

2. The Tomahawk Chop

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    Number two on the list also come from the great state of Florida. While the Florida State Seminoles are not the only sports team to use the tomahawk chop, they sure seem to have perfected it.

    The tomahawk chop makes FSU games unwatchable at times. Not only do they do a hand movement, but they also chant with it.  When the crowd really gets into it, it's is all you can hear on TV.

    The worst aspect is the fact that there is not a set situation in which they use the chop. I think it's just performed anytime they want to annoy the opposing team.

    Like any stadium chant, you kind of get roped into doing it. First off, you get chopped in the back of the head by some fan behind you. What better way to get out your frustration than to do the same thing to someone in front of you?

    Again, this tradition is just silly. It probably should have been No. 1 on the list but let's just leave it where it is. 

1. The Keys Jingle

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    The most annoying stadium tradition in college football has to be the jingling of keys during a game. This one makes absolutely no sense at all. Like some of the other traditions on this list, the key jingle is not limited to just one school.

    Several school participate in this weird ritual. Michigan, Arizona State and Virginia Tech are some of the big-name schools who do it.

    I'm not sure what the point of this is, other than to make a bunch of annoying noise. Some schools do it on every kickoff, some do it on the first kickoff, and some do it when their team is on defense.

    Aside from the noise, taking a set of keys to the face does not feel very good. That's what can happen if the dude next to you get too excited. If you attend a game at one of these schools, I recommend going to the bathroom on kickoffs.

    I wonder how many sets of keys get dropped and lost at each game? Oh well, keep 'em in your pocket where they belong.