WWE SummerSlam: Cena AA's Big Show, WWE Cliches and Things We Should See Instead

The EndAnalyst IAugust 10, 2012

It can be done, it has been done.
It can be done, it has been done.

The Summer Games of 2012 are almost over. Now, it is time to take your eyes from London to Los Angeles. It is time for SummerSlam!

The 25th edition of SummerSlam is already shaping to be a good pay-per-view, with consequences leading up to the Royal Rumble and beyond. And while it promises to be a wonderful show, there are a few things that WWE has a habit of feeding us too much of. Here are a few cliches that shouldn't happen at SummerSlam and a few ideas that can take their place.


1. Cliche: Pre-show Title Match on YouTube

Let's face it. WWE is not going to have a title change hands in the pre-show. Especially since they have had too many PPVs in 2012 without any title changing hands, even on the main show. Even if the title changed hands, it could lead to many buyers of the PPV feeling cheated.

What to do instead: Offer a Number-One Contender's Match.

If the winner gets a title shot later in the main show, it might influence a few PPV buys. Especially if the match is a battle royal or a Fatal-4-way for a midcard title opportunity, which keeps fans guessing about what happens next.


2. Cliche: World Heavyweight Championship Opening the Show

We know it is already your "B" championship—don't devalue it further! Besides, as the match at WrestleMania 28 showed, it can be too tempting to get it out of the way hastily. Furthermore, with Dolph Ziggler having his briefcase, the element of surprise regarding the cashing-in will be ruined if it opens the show.

What to do instead: Open with Ziggler/Jericho

This would be an entertaining technical match. And, if the briefcase is on the line, it will influence events later in the night, when the WHC is defended in a better time-slot. What better way to start the night?


3. Cliche: Jobber Promo Leads to Squash Match

Honestly, you have fed Ryback enough. It is time to feed him better, instead of feeding him more. And, having Randy Orton face a random superstar just because he has no other match on the show is a lazy thing to do.

What to do instead: A Swerve

Do the cliched promo. But, just as Orton is coming to the ring, have Lesnar come from behind and throw him off the ramp. Then, Lesnar can hit him with a steel chair or a similar weapon and "injure" him—he can show up on Raw with taped ribs—setting up for a later feud. Then, he goes to the ring and delivers the F-5 on the waiting jobber. This cruel intensity on the part of Lesnar will also give him a nice time to cut a promo on how he will "turn Triple H into Cripple H."


4. Cliche: Bringing McMahon Family Members Into Feuds

Stephanie McMahon. Vince McMahon. While each of them are entertaining in their own way, having them at ringside has been done millions—okay, I exaggerate—of times. The Triple H/Lesnar feud has already become too cumbersome as all the focus has been diverted by random individuals.

What to do instead: Have a Clean Mauling

If anyone—including and not limited to Michaels, Heyman, Vince, Stephanie, Laurinaitis, Nash—must appear on the show, have them receive an  F-5 or a sledgehammer to the skull before the match begins. Let Lesnar devastate Triple H like the monster he is supposed to be.


5. Cliche: Obligatory Divas Match Ends Via Roll-up

What to do instead: Use a Finishing Maneuver!

Is that so difficult?


6. Cliche: Cena Adjusts Big Show's Attitude

Fans have longer memory spans than Michael Cole or Jerry Lawler. We can perfectly recall Cena picking up and then doing an AA—and also the F-U—to the Big Show. Don't try to make it look like this is the first time.

What to do instead: Big Show Goes to Sleep

I know Punk might not be able to get Show into the fireman's carry. But, Cena can. Have Cena lift him up, but Big Show use a few elbows and then jump off Cena's back—right onto a waiting CM Punk's knee. While it will not be an authentic GTS, it will be something new.


7. Cliche: Interference Determines Winner of WWE Title Match

The Rock comes down to the ring. He either distracts CM Punk or "layeths the smackdown" on him, leading to him losing the title. How many times do we need to go down the exact same path?

What to do instead: Interfering Party Inadvertently Gets Taken Out

The Rock comes down to the ring. But, just as he is about to do the "Rock Bottom", Punk powers out and shoves Dwayne, who ends up walking right into a spear by the Big Show. While Rocky may still influence the outcome a while later, it seems more intriguing than a simple distraction. Also, the spear can be used as a storyline tool to give Dwayne a random match against Big Show—who will probably not be the champion, come January—and help build his momentum before the big match at the Royal Rumble.


Changing a few things once in a while does not take much effort, but it can vastly influence the perceived quality of the show. A lot of the cliches have occurred that fans begin to expect them to happen before the PPV even starts. Implementing a few curve balls could keep fans on the edge of their seats and wanting more.


Note: If you have other cliches that you think deserve a bit of change, please leave a comment below.