Oregon Football: Ducks Prove They Are Cooler Than Everyone Else with Quack Cave

Erin SorensenContributor IAugust 9, 2012

Photo Credit: @QuackCave
Photo Credit: @QuackCave

If you're the Oregon Ducks, you already have cutting-edge uniforms and revolutionary facilities, according to GoDucks.com. So what could possibly make you even more ahead of the curve than everyone else at this point?

A social-media command center, that's what.

A center that is inspired by various corporate leaders, such as Dell and Gatorade, Oregon has launched the Quack Cave. The center will be run by Oregon students who will have flat screen TVs, iPads and wireless keyboards that will enable them to "monitor, produce and push content through Oregon's multitude of general and sport-specific accounts across all major social media platforms," according to GoDucks.com. These platforms will include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram.

Making the whole thing even cooler is the fact that the cave was designed by two Oregon graduate students.

It would be safe to assume the two would be marketing or advertising majors. Instead, both are working toward their master's degrees in interior architecture. Using a storage space near Autzen Stadium, the two created the sleek command center that will bring the already social-media savvy school to the next level.

Oregon's version of the "batcave" is being billed as the first social-media hub in college athletics. The Quack Cave will soon have its own website also. It's hard to deny the whole thing is completely amazing, making many jealous. I mean, I'm jealous.

So now Oregon has awesome facilities, awesome uniforms and an awesome social-media hub. The only thing that would make the Quack Cave an even bigger roaring success would be the occasional drop-in from football head coach Chip Kelly. Imagine the "Chipisms."

Once again, jealous.

Interested in seeing the QuackCave for yourself? Check out the tour here.

(h/t Lost Letterman)