Bo Pelini's Nebraska Program Experiences Some Interesting Happenings

Boomer SoonerContributor IFebruary 24, 2009

While watching OU’s loss to Kansas I was alerted to some interesting happenings up at Nebraska, as they try to reclaim their '90s mojo.

First, sophomore QB Patrick Witt has decided to transfer. The reasons are Witt and his family didn’t think he’d get a fair shake in the upcoming QB battle. Witt was Joe Ganz’s backup last year but only threw eight passes.

He apparently wanted former Sooners coordinator Bo Pelini to name a starter after the spring game and Bo refused, forcing Witt to transfer.

Witt was a recruit from the Callahan Era and doesn’t fit the mobile QB direction in which Nebraska is moving.

That makes the QB battle a contest between JuCo transfer Zac Lee, freshman Cody Green, and redshirt freshman Kody Spano.

Also, prized RB recruit David Oku has moved from Oklahoma City to Lincoln, Nebraska.

Sound suspicious?

Nebraska officially can’t say anything, but the buzz is Oku will enroll at Nebraska, although there are plenty of rumors about Oku moving closer to be with a pregnant girlfriend who he met on a recruiting trip to Nebraska. (How romantic.)

Nebraska pursued Oku but their interest dropped when he committed to Phil Fulmer’s Tennessee program, however, he never wound up signing a letter of intent.

Our friends at Huskers Gameday have a take on the madness:

"No matter how talented Oku might be…do we really want a cat like David Oku on the Huskers roster?

"There’s no denying the ridiculous skills of David Oku (as demonstrated by these videos below).

"But there’s also no denying that Oku is acting like a privileged prima donna. His sense of entitlement at age 18 scares the living crap out of me."