Kyle Busch: NASCAR's Definition of Dominance

Adam HeasleyCorrespondent IFebruary 24, 2009

dominance (n): 1. the act of towering above, governing, or controlling.

                       2. what Kyle Busch does on a regular basis.


This coming from the NASCAR Dictionary that I hold here in my hand.

And if Kyle keeps up his ways, we won't have any choice but to add his name next to the definition of "dominance" in the real dictionary. We'll even have to put a picture of this young gun in there.

To me, he stands out even more than such figures as Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods.

Why, you might ask?

He's not just doing it in one series or level; no, he's doing it in all three of NASCAR's major levels.

Whenever he straps on that seat belt in a Toyota Tundra, he wins. Whenever he straps on a seat belt in a Toyota Camry, he wins in the Nationwide series. And whenever he straps on a seat belt in the Sprint Cup series, he can win every race.

This guy could drive a cardboard box on plastic wheels and still be faster than the competition; no wonder he is sponsored by NOS.

Plain and simple, this guy can drive whatever he gets into. One could even argue that he is the most talented driver in NASCAR.

People will say that he's "immature" or "too young."

Since when does being immature or being too young have anything to do with Kyle Busch winning? Since never.

People will also say he has great equipment under him on the track, and yes, this is very true, but if it's all the car, what happened with J.J. Yeley?

Go ahead and call me crazy, but I see a certain talent in Kyle Busch that I saw in Dale Earnhardt. Both could drive a top-20 car and turn it into a top-10 car just through their raw ability to drive.


Kyle Busch can drive a car that's tight, loose, or has horrible push. I've seen him hustle a car into the corner, almost sideways, and come out faster than a car that is completely stable through the corners.

Maybe he should try his hand in the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series. He would probably dominate that, too.

Or maybe he could even go race in the Indianapolis 500 sometime. Now that would be something I would definitely watch!

Last year, Busch won 21 races across NASCAR's top divisions and had a 25-percent win rate. That's a figure I still can't comprehend.

The sad thing is that Kyle gets punished for being so good. Fans hate seeing him beat their beloved Dale Jr., Jimmie Johnson, or Jeff Gordon. And that group of "fans" includes me.

Now, I don't hate the guy (or even dislike him at all). I just hate seeing him beat my favorite driver race after race, and everybody else feels the same way.

Even though Dale Jr. will always be my driver, no matter his stats are on the track, I'm starting to take a liking to Busch.

So how about we stop hating and start appreciating what Kyle Busch is doing in arguably the most competitive sport in America?

Who knows, we might be saying "move over Richard Petty" in 20 years. Yeah, go ahead and call me crazy again.

Kyle Busch is NASCAR's definition of dominance.


P.S. Ben Bomberger, I'm making my pick right now for Vegas, and it's Kyle Busch.