Thierry Henry: Back in the EPL?

Clement AndreauCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2008

 Thierry Henry had to go in the conference room today, after rumours and speculations about him since last Sunday's game against Villareal.

Everything started when former Arsenal teammate Robert Pires, who plays now for Villareal, declared "I don't feel like Henry feels comfortable in Barcelona...I wanted to meet him after the game, but he went home straight away after the coach took him out in the middle of the game."

Henry claimed today that he was feeling down because he had seen his daughter Tea only five times in eight months. He said he respected Riijkard's decision not to use him where he would like to play, and was ready to work harder to gain more time on the pitch.

We felt a bit of his disappointment when he declared "You cannot compare me with the Henry of Arsenal", meaning I am not as good as before. Well this is understandable as the Gunners were playing for him, and he was the main striker, now in Barcelona he is just one attacking force among others like Eto'o, Messi or Ronaldinho.

So if he wants to see his daughter, who lives with her mom in London, more often, Hen could move back in England, as speculated by a lot of people.

The question is, where?

There is no way he'll back in Arsenal, first because it is not really the club's policy to buy a player they sold, even when Juventus was relegated to Serie B, they didn't take Vieira back. Secondly, players like Fabregas have claimed publicly that they preferred playing without Henry because it gave them more freedom on the field.

Manchester United obviously wouldn't be interested by his profile as they have really a lot of people forward, and most of them are younger than Henry.

Liverpool could be tempted to associate Henry with Torres, especially with rumours sending Kuyt to Munich, but yet Henry would be more likely to play in a London club.

So out of the Big Four, only Chelsea remains, but with Drogba, Anelka, Kalou, Pizzaro and Chevchenko (would could be moving to AC Milan), I can't imagine the Blues signing Henry, also they have the fund to do it.

In London, only one more club could afford to sign Henry; Tottenham. With Berbatov probably leaving at the end of the season, Henry could get a spot in the Spurs attack.

However, it would be a sad ending for Henry's career to end in Tottenham, lets jsut hope he'll see Tea more often and succeed in Barcelona.

After all, it's only his first season at the Camp Nou, and he still has time to prove he is worth of this team, especially in Champions League, which we know he has hunger to win.

(I added my favourite Barcelona's goal by Henry in my media center.)