B/R Tournament: The Future Foundation of Pro Wrestling

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIFebruary 24, 2009

Some of the current top stars in Pro wrestling are looking at their last days in the business. Who will be the next superstars to step up and be the new foundation of the business?

I was thinking about that, then one day I read one of Shane's articles about a tournament for wrestling writers. I liked the article a lot so I thought: Why not make my own, but of who the future of Pro Wrestling will be.

I don't want this tournament being biased or anything, so before I start the tournament I want the other writer's opinions. Once the official bracket is decided the tournament will start.

The tournament will be set up in four brackets: TNA Wrestling, ECW, Smackdown, and Raw.

In each bracket there will be five superstars. Then I will add a poll to the article and the superstar who gets the most votes does not move on—as the vote will be who is the least deserving in the tournament.

The four left will be matched up against one another in Round Two. Now this round will be based on points. The one with the most points will move on to the next round, which is the finals in there bracket.

The points are based on win streak (one point), current role on there brand (two points), if they hold a title (three points), and basically there history in the business is worth four points.

Next, the winners of the four brackets will be matched up and the same will go for that until we have a final two. The final round will simply be based on voting.

Now, before this starts I want to put down my brackets. If you disagree and believe some one else deserves that spot and you wish, you can plead your case and provide evidence why they are better. If the evidence is sufficient, I will replace that superstar.

Once there is an official bracket set, I will start the tournament.

The Brackets


1. Robert Roode

Roode has the looks, in ring abilities, great mic skills, and a good gimmick. He also has the potential to be a world champion.

2. Matt Morgan

Morgan has the size, the exposure to bring in audience, and decent mic skills.

3. AJ Styles

Even though Styles has been world champion already, he still has much more to deliver. Styles has the ring abilities, experience, getting better at mic work, and has the ability to make a great match.

4. Samoa Joe

The same goes for Joe as I stated for Styles. What makes him a possibly future star is his good ring ability, great mic skills, his connection with the crowd, and his great showing of intensity.

5. Jay Lethal

OK, Lethal is kind of my wild card. But he shows growth. At first, he was not so good at the mic, but with the Black Machismo gimmick, he has become better. He brings a great athletic wrestling style like AJ, and connects with the crowd.


1. Jack Swagger

Swagger is already ECW champ, but could one day be a big time main eventer for the WWE or world title. Besides his lisp—which is unnoticeable sometimes—he actually has decent mic skills. Overall he is real physical, dominate, and of course All-American.

2. John Morrison

Morrison has great in ring skills. He has held both tag titles, ECW, and Intercontinental Title. Morrison shows growth with mic skills and knows how to put on a great match.

3. Miz

Miz is in the same league as Morrison with the holding of the tag titles. He has also shown great improvement in the ring, good mic work, and knows how to connect with the crowd.

4. Evan Bourne

Bourne provides great highlight reel moves, puts on a great match, can work the crowd and could be the next Rey Mysterio and more.

5. Tyson Kidd

Even though Kidd just debuted a couple of weeks ago this "Kidd" has shown a lot of potential. He has the attitude, charisma, in ring ability and oh shall I mention he is the last graduate of the Hart Family Dungeon before its doors shut.


1. Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin has great in ring ability, mic skills, and is the current US champion.

2. MVP

Even though MVP was on a down-ward slide, he has since re-emerged and the sky is the limit. The fans have taken to his great mic skills and ring work even more.

3. Mr. Kennedy

Kennedy has come close to being in the main event spot light, but due to injuries he has hit a road block. But if he can stay healthy, we can see a main event star be born. He has great mic work, great wrestling, and great charisma. His cocky attitude is just what's needed to succeed.

4. Vladmir Kozlov

Kozlov makes decent feuds, he is big, and he dominates. He also has good ring ability.

5. This one was hard as it came down to three people: R truth, The Brian Kendrick, and Hurricane Helms—but I decided R Truth

Truth connects with the crowd really well, he has good ring work, and he can make great matches.


1. Ted Dibiase

In his current role as a Legacy member—having much attention on the group—Dibiase could one day be a huge star. John Cena even says in five years can see him in a main event on Wrestlemania. He has the ring ability, mic skills, and is a good heel especially under Randy Orton.

2.Cody Rhodes

Rhodes is the same as Dibiase. He has the exposure already, great ring work, good mic skills, and charisma.

3. Kofi Kingston

Kingston is very exciting, has great in ring ability, he catches your interest, and he connects with the crowd.

4. CM Punk

Punk already has held the world heavy weight title, but won't be the last. He has the experience, he's a fan favorite, awesome in ring skills, good mic work and can put on a great match.

5. This probably will be a shocker but I see potential—JTG

JTG has great in ring ability, good mic skills, he is exciting, and he connects with the crowd. If he tunes up his gimmick he could be a legit superstar.

And there we go—my brackets.


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