Word Life The Lost Volumes: Even In a Recession..There's Still Money In The Bank

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 24, 2009

Even when we're in a slump economically, there's still Money In The Bank. WWE's mult-man ladder match returns for the 25th anniversary for Wrestlemania!

It made a it's stellar debut at Wrestlemania 21, in which Edge was crowned the first winner. We hav then gone on the see Ken Kennedy, Rob Van Dam, and CM Punk win the big one. This year is going ti be quite interesting.

The first spot has been claimed by last year's winner CM Punk. The Chicago native has come a long way. Is he ready to return to the top cards? We'll see. Since Punk is in, that leaves seven spots left....assuming that WWE is still using eight people instead of six. I've constructed a list of sort and tried to out my spin on it, so who's in? Who's out?

Shelton Benjamin

Most of you guys know that I'm a huge Benjamin fan and I believe he'll get his spot this year. He's one of the most athletic talents in the WWE and probably in the top three on Smackdown if not No. 1. He's brought us some memories with his defying stunts. Shelton looks as if he is leaning towards a feud with MVP, but I'll still count in him. Chance: 95%


MVP had gracefully gotten out of WWE's doghouse. He is rejuvenated and has a nice face makeover to go with it. MVP is a great talent. Good on the mic, and good in the ring. He is leaning towards an angle with Shelton Benjamin, and I assume that he'll be in it unless Benjamin defends the U.S. title at the big one. He's back to ballin' like he used to and you better believe they'll be a "drive by" at Wrestlemania Chance: 95%

Big Show

I read an article on Big Show being in the MITB. The author defended Big Show and drove a good point, but Big Show in there is next to impossible. I won't rule it out because it's WWE were talking about, but Show isn't going to be in this match. Big Show is currently protecting Vickie Guerrero and.....doing nothing. I see him being used in some sort of RAW vs Smackdown inter promotional match or something similar to the Batista vs Umaga we saw last year at WM24. Chances: .1%

Kofi Kingston

If anyone is close to being a shoe in, it's Kofi. In his not so long RAW tenure, he has gained our fan-ism and loyalty without even touching the mic. We don't really hear much from Kofi, but we know who to call whenever there's trouble in paradise. He's already been a tag champion and an Intercontinental champion. He's lightning quick in the ring and is a perfect fit in the MITB. WWE screwed him at his first main event match at No Way Out. This may not equal it, but it's the next best thing. Free from stories, Kofi looks like he'll get the green light. Chance: 99.9%

Dolph Ziggler

Here we have Mr. Ziggler. He hasn't done much lately. He was lucky to have gotten a spot in the Royal Rumble. Last RAW, we saw him in 6-man tag tea action with Glamarella facing Cryme Tyme and Melina. Ziggler squeezing his way into this match seems very unlikely, but never say never. Chance: 5%

John Morrison

This one is a bit tough. I thought him to be a shoe in, but he lost his qualifying match against CM Punk. So he's out right? Morrison is a great talent, and can perform at main event level...at least in ECW. Morrison and Christian anyone? Vickie is running both RAW and Smackdown for the time being, so who's not to say that Vickie will give him another qualifying match on Smackdown. He is also on ECW as well. Will Teddy give him a shot? If not then will Miz and Morrison defend the straps at Wrestlemania? Chance: 80%

Rey Mysterio

The master of the 6-1-9 seems to have finally escaped Knox. He is in a similar position as Kofi and is widely popular. Rey hasn't been doing much lately and like Kofi and Benjamin, has the speed and quickness to give us a show in a half. Chance: 96%


I look at Christian as the dark house for this match. His return was decent and now is feuding with Jack Swagger. Since he isn't Hardy's attacker, he'll need to find another route to the grandest stage of them all. Every road seems pretty much closed except for this one. I don't expect Christian to come in and defeat Swagger for the ECW championship. Swagger is carrying that belt to Wrestlemania. If Swagger disposes of Christian, then it would be nice to see him in this match. He still has to earn his keep around here so his chances aren't very high. Chance: 10%


It looks like Kane is done picking on Rey and over Kelly Kelly, who broke his heart. He might have a lot of fire and brimstone built up inside him. When will he explode? The big red monster hasn't been terrorizing as much lately, but I do expect him to at least be in a MITB qualifying match. His last MITB performance wasn't that bad and Kane could use a chance at push right now because he's looking rather stale. Chance: 25%

JTG and or Shad

Both of them aren't going to be in it, so why am I even doing this. These guys look like they be lucky to even have some sort of Wrestlemania segment in between a match or something. If they do get to wrestle, then it would be a tag team match of course. Lately I've been hearing talks about unifying both tag titles. It doesn't seem like a bad idea considering the lack and weakness of the tag team division. Miz and Morrison, The Colons, Cryme Tyme, and maybe Priceless wouldn't be so bad in fatal 4 way tag team match for the undisputed tag belts. If WWE had to choose one for the MITB, it would be JTG of course. Chance: 1%

Carito and or Primo

This would be going out of WWE's way. They have been rather dull to be...then again which tag team hasn't been? Carlito is always a favorite to be in, but his brother and his tag title damper his chances. Primo? I'm not even thinking about him. It would be nice to have Carlito in a guess. WWE might need a filler or two, but will a colon be that guy? Chance: 3%

Tommy Dreamer and ECW Talents

I'm not too sure on this one. Every time I try ECW, I'm either out of my mind, can't remember anything, make an outrageous statement, or all three. I'm going to stop myself before I do that and I'll just brand Tommy Dreamer and the whole ECW roster as wild cards, after all it is the dungeon. If we get one in the MITB that would alright I suppose Chances: Wild Card

The Curveball and Dark Horse

 I already stated that Christian was my dark horse, but he wasn't the original choice. Believe it or not, it was Jamie Noble. I know he's next to nothing, but the guy is a hard worker and he's had some pretty good cruiserweight championship runs. WWE was giving him squash matches with Kane and Knox all of sudden, so I believed he could have made it. I heard that he was injured though. I don't know what it is, or how long he'll be out if it is serious. I do know that if Christian isn't the dark horse, then it'll be someone from that dungeon I assume.