WWE RAW Rewind: The Cerebral Assassination Begins...

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IFebruary 24, 2009

The show begins with a look back at the heinous mugging of Shane McMahon by The Legacy, followed by the RKO Heard Round The World. The show goes live with the appearance of SmackDown’s General Manager Vickie Guerrero. Vickie goes on to announce that she is running RAW tonight due to Stephanie’s injury. As she continues her rant, John Cena comes out to confront the boss for tonight.

Cena makes it clear that Vickie doesn’t care about anyone…except for Edge. He goes on to say that he has a rematch clause…and that he’ll be cashing in that clause tonight. But all of a sudden, Edge comes down with The Big Show. Edge once again backs out of the challenge to face Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship. He goes on to say that Cena will not become this generation’s Stone Cold Steve Austin. After ranting about how he is the opposite of the working stiff, Edge suffers the wrath of being next to the 400-pound disgusting beast…and of course, The Big Show.

After Show demands respect for tonight’s GM, Cena wonders what Big Show’s real role is in the ring tonight. After that, Vickie tells Cena that he’ll face either friend or family tonight. In the back, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are playing security for a scared sh*tless Randy Orton, who sprints into the arena to prevent any collisions with Triple H.

Back on RAW, we prepare for the first qualifying Money In The Bank Match.

Money In The Bank Qualifying Match

CM Punk vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz

The Sheet tries to make it a handicap match right off the bat as they pummel Punk to the ground. But it is Punk that gets a quick upper hand until John Morrison sends him over the top rope. All three men lie on the outside writhing in pain.

Back in the ring, Morrison has a vicious headlock applied to Punk as Miz becomes the victim of a double shot from both Punk and his World Tag Team Championship partner. Punk starts fighting back with a flying kick and a roundhouse kick. Miz recovers enough to nail the Real World on Punk. As Morrison tries to recover outside the ring, Miz applies the pressure. But Punk gets them both in a double takeover followed by a bulldog/clothesline.

The Dirt Sheet gets the advantage with a double team move, but the tag team begins to crumble during the match and engages in a slugfest. Punk comes in at the right time and nails the GTS on Morrison to win the match and earn a spot in the Money In the Bank at Wrestlemania.

Back on the program, we relive that dangerous interview with Triple H this past week on SmackDown. Back on the program, Rhodes and DiBiase try to make Orton’s actions seem justified. In the back, there is a six person mixed tag match in the works as Glamarella and Dolph Ziggler head out to the ring.

Melina & Cryme Tyme vs. Glamarella & Dolph Ziggler

The current and former Women’s Champion start the match tonight. Beth Phoenix tries to use her strength to get the advantage, but Melina continues to one up her. Then Dolph Ziggler takes the tag meant for Santino. JTG lands the Payoff, but Dolph gets the advantage quickly. Unfortunately, Santino isn’t ready to get into the match just yet.

JTG manages to tag in Shad, who comes in, introduces himself and sends Dolph flying. Santino is tagged in, and he is dropped with the Money Maker to pick up the loss for Glamarella.

In the back, Shawn Michaels is heading to the ring for his match with JBL…with The Deadman (and Possibly the Moscow Mauler waiting). Following a quick look at Cena’s upcoming movie 12 Rounds, JBL begins to make his way down to the ring for his match with Shawn Michaels.

Match to determine The Undertaker’s Opponent at Wrestlemania 25

JBL vs. Shawn Michaels

Before the bell, Vickie Guerrero makes it clear that Vladimir Kozlov will face the winner of this match for the right to face The Undertaker. But Shawn Michaels doesn’t care as he goes on the assault and drops JBL with a series of punches.

Shawn continues the assault with a series of chops. But JBL gets control with a shot to the back of the head following a straight kick to the skull. Shawn continues the assault, but JBL throws a little more velocity on an Irish Whip. As JBL continues the pressure, Shawn tries to fight back but gets leveled out of the ring. Shawn manages to wiggle his way out of a drop, but JBL gets dropped with a charge to the steel post. But both men make it back into the ring before the 10-count.

Back in the ring, both men stagger to their feet before another 10-count. The Wrestling Fraud starts fighting back and lands a huge boot to Shawn’s skull that sends the Showstopper to the outside. Shawn manages to get back in the ring only to get dropped with a huge clothesline. Shawn gets his composure back as he lands the flying forearm followed by the Atomic drop. Shawn tries to get the cobwebs out and heads up top to land The Flying Elbow.

Shawn starts tuning up the band. As Shawn goes for Sweet Chin Music, JBL drops him with a huge boot. As JBL continues to taunt and aim for the Clothesline From Hell, Shawn bounces back and lands Sweet Chin Music to get the win and earn the right to face Vladimir Kozlov next week on RAW. As Shawn celebrates the victory, Vladimir Kozlov comes down and drops Shawn with a devastating spine buster

As the show goes back on the air, we take a look back at last year’s Wrestlemania.

Back live, Jamie Noble is in the ring making another speech about making his own Wrestlemania moment…but it’s soon extinguished by the arrival of Mike Knox.

Jamie Noble vs. Mike Knox

Noble tries to get the advantage, but he gets dropped with boot to the mush and the Knox Landing to suffer yet another loss. For his efforts, though, he did last :29 seconds against Knox.

After the match, we get the fourth man to be inducted in this year’s Hall of Fame Class: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat!! Following one of the best video packages I’ve ever seen, we are informed that Ricky Steamboat will react to his induction next!

Intermission: Ricky Steamboat reacts to Induction Announcement

Steamboat comes out and calls the IC Championship Match between he and Macho Man, Chris Jericho comes out to crash the celebration. Jericho comes out to thank the Academy for denying Mickey Rourke the Best Actor Award in last night’s Oscars.

He calls all the legends losers. Jericho calls him the biggest hypocrite of them all. But before he can walk away, Steamboat calls him out saying that 20 years ago, he signed an autograph for a young Chris Jericho. After a series of shots towards Jericho’s character, Steamboat calls him the hypocrite. He tells Jericho that he is something that he’ll never be: A Hall of Famer. Jericho responds by ramming Steamboat’s head into the RAW Logo.

As officials take a look at Ricky Steamboat, we relive the opening moments of tonight’s RAW.

Main Event

John Cena vs. Chavo Guerrero

As Cena prepares for a fight, Vickie Guerrero comes out and announces that Cena will not get his championship match tonight. So Cena decides that he will be following La Familia wherever they go. And he will be on SmackDown this Friday night.

Cena makes short work of Vickie’s nephew, and makes it clear that he’s coming for them. He lands the Attitude Adjustment followed by the STF to pick up the victory.

As Cena celebrates the victory, Legacy heads to the ring to confront The Game.


The Confrontation of Randy Orton & Triple H

Orton’s music hits, and all the members of Legacy come out…with Orton sporting more protection than usual with a sledgehammer in tow.

Orton takes the microphone and says that Triple H is truly like a McMahon: Arrogant, Out of Touch and just plain stupid. He then claims that he is the victim of the McMahon’s tyranny. He continues to claim that he has IED and that’s why he has done what he’s done over the past month. He says that in regards to Stephanie, instinct took over.

As Orton goes on and on about how we don’t know what it’s like to be him, he continues to blame the McMahons for what has happened to them. As Orton continues his rant, Triple H finally makes his way to RAW. Triple H stands at the beginning of the ramp looking over his prey. He then starts to make his way down to the ring to confront Orton. Orton begins to try to coax Hunter into losing the hammer. Both men drop the hammers, and Hunter makes his way into the ring.

Legacy begins to approach The Game, but Hunter pulls a wild card out as he whips out another Sledgehammer from behind his back. All three members begin to sprint out of the arena with Triple H stalking closely behind him. Orton and DiBiase try to barricade the door, but Hunter finds his way into it. In the dressing room, Hunter takes down DiBiase and almost gets Orton. The Game continues to give chase to the two men. Both men run to the awaiting car and jump in the backseat.

After Hunter busts out the back window, the car goes speeding away with The Game looking at the damage he has done for now as RAW goes off the air.


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