Let's Play the Passing Game.

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Let's Play the Passing Game.

Okay after seeing what went down at the No Way Out PPV and seeing the results of the Elimination Chamber matches. I begin to think are the two biggest titles in the WWE a game of tag?


The last longest title reign that lasted over three or four months was JBL's WWE title reign while on Smackdown. After JBL's 10-month reign as champion things have become much different. Now the most you see a superstar holding the title could be a one to five months.

To me this is hurting the prestige of the title because its being passed around like its nothing. I believe long title reigns, great feuds, the champion him self adds great prestige to the title.

But if this keeps up when it comes down to a big main event match for the title it might not seem as important. Just to show you how the WWE passing game has went I will post the month and the date of the champions reign from JBL to current champion Triple H.


JBL Eddie Guerrero Norfolk, Va. 06-27-04  
John Cena JBL Los Angeles 04-03-05  
Edge John Cena Albany, N.Y. 01-08-06  
John Cena Edge Miami 01-29-06  
Rob Van Dam John Cena New York 06-11-06  
Edge RVD & John Cena Philadelphia 07-03-06  
John Cena Edge Toronto 09-17-06  
Randy Orton n/a Chicago 10-07-07  
Triple H Randy Orton Chicago 10-07-07  
Randy Orton Triple H Chicago 10-07-07  
Triple H Randy Orton Baltimore 04-27-08  
Edge Triple H Boston 11-23-08  
Jeff Hardy Edge Buffalo, N.Y. 12-14-08  
Edge Jeff Hardy Detroit 01-25-09  
Triple H n/a Seattle 02-15-09  


Now when it come's to the WHW TITLE this is the biggest tag game of the two titles. Since the birth of the title when Eric Bishoff handed the title to Triple H after Brock Lesnar kept the WWE title specifically on Smackdown the title has been bounced around a lot.

The longest title reign has been six months which was held by Chris Beniot (R.I.P) the rest of the title reigns are even lucky to get to four months. Triple H couldn't even hold the title over two months as he lost the belt to Shawn Michaels.

All the title reigns now seem to be only two to three months, and I am posting the whole title history for the title.

Triple H n/a Milwaukee 09-02-02  
Shawn Michaels Triple H New York, N.Y. 11-17-02  
Triple H Shawn Michaels Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 12-15-02  
Goldberg Triple H Hershey, Pa. 09-21-03  
Triple H Goldberg Orlando, Fla. 12-14-03  
Chris Benoit Triple H New York, N.Y. 03-14-04  
Randy Orton Chris Benoit Toronto 08-15-04  
Triple H Randy Orton Portland, Ore. 09-12-04  
Triple H n/a Puerto Rico 01-09-05  
Batista Triple H Los Angeles 04-03-05  
Kurt Angle n/a Philadelphia 01-10-06  
Rey Mysterio Randy Orton Chicago 04-02-06  
King Booker Rey Mysterio Indianapolis 07-23-06  
Batista King Booker Philadelphia 11-26-06  
Undertaker Batista Detroit 04-01-07  
Edge Undertaker Pittsburgh 05-08-07  
The Great Khali n/a Laredo, Texas 07-17-07  
Batista The Great Khali Memphis, Tenn. 09-16-07  
Edge Batista Pittsburgh 12-16-07  
Undertaker Edge Orlando, Fla. 03-30-08  
Edge Undertaker San Diego, Calif. 06-01-08  
CM Punk Edge Oklahoma City, Okla. 06-30-08  
Chris Jericho n/a Cleveland 09-07-08  
Batista Chris Jericho Phoenix 10-26-08  
Chris Jericho Batista Tampa, Fla. 11-03-08  
John Cena Chris Jericho Boston 11-23-08  
Edge n/a Seattle 02-15-09

And with Wrestlemania coming up unless WWE has a big trick up their sleeve it seems that one of the titles will once again be passed along (Randy Orton).

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