WWE Scout Brisco Talks Olympic WWE Superstar Hopefuls, How WWE Scouts

T BDContributor IAugust 8, 2012

WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco certainly has seen a 180 in his career.

First, being one of the most respected amateur wrestlers and accomplished competitors inside the Squared Circle, winning the NWA tag titles with his brother Jack, to becoming a "corporate stooge" with Pat Patterson during the WWF's Attitude Era.

Today, his role is much different with WWE—he is a scout, searching the globe for the next big WWE Superstars.

Brisco is no stranger to this role—in fact he was the one that discovered and groomed Hulk Hogan.

For WWE, he has recruited many amateur wrestlers to the fold, including Brock Lesnar, Shelton Benjamin and Dolph Ziggler.

Currently, Brisco is among a team of WWE representatives that is in London, England at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Before that, he attended the Olympic trials and saw many athletes that could one day become major money makers with WWE.

In the video interview posted, Brisco outlines the process of how he scouts—what he specifically looks for, what sports typically produce the best athletes that will succeed in a WWE ring, how he recruits them once he has his eyes set on them.

He also imparts wisdom to aspiring WWE Superstars, particularly those who have taken the independent wrestling route.

It's a very interesting conversation and look into the world of scouting for WWE.


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