Redemption Song: Should the Cleveland Browns Go after Michael Vick?

AlbatrossContributor IFebruary 24, 2009

Imagine the irony...  

Michael Vick playing at home for the Cleveland Browns, and scoring the game-winning touchdown off of a 60-yard sprint to the end zone against division rival and Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh!  

The atmosphere is electric! The opposing team is stunned, and in a moment that could live in infamy, we'd watch as Vick, in all of his joyous momentum, thrusts himself up, head first into the air and into the wide awaiting arms of "The Dawg Pound"!

Wikipedia says:

The Dawg Pound is the name of the bleacher section located behind the east end zone in Cleveland Browns Stadium, the home field of the Cleveland Browns. It is known for having some of the most dedicated and zealous fans in the NFL.

So, would The Dawg Pound pound Vick for pounding dogs? Or would forgive and forget be the name of the game as Browns' fans usher in a new era of Vick?

Let's be honest: Both the Cleveland Browns and Vick need extreme makeovers—Vick, obviously, much more so!

I mean, here is a man who once sat on top of the world and had it all; a man with the talent and ability to grow and possibly become one of the greatest pro football players of all time, but instead, he lost everything because he wanted to play Pokemon with puppy dogs.  

What a waste! Fortunately for Vick, he has time on his side. He is only 28 years old, and though obviously not in the best shape of his life, I'm convinced that once again, he's gotten access to the top-notch equipment that the NFL provides for its athletes.

He'll physically return to his pro football standards. My question is, is he mentally ready for the obvious circus that would follow his eventual return?

I, for one, feel this will be Vick's Achilles heel in his effort to attain even just a piece of what he once had, which is why I believe that the quarterback position is out of the question for Vick in his return.  

Why not bring him back in on special teams and give him a chance to prove himself to his new teammates, as well as allow his body to get caught back up to the speed of the NFL?

Let's face it, the only drills Vick's been getting over the past few years have been courtesy of being clumsy with the soap on the rope.  

Speaking of waste, watching Braylon Edwards attempt to catch a pass last season made me want to toss out my five-hour energy drink and go buy a Red Bull.  

What a terrible '08-'09 season for Edwards and the Cleveland Browns. It was a season in which anything that could go wrong probably did. The Browns finished the season 4-12 with one very impressive victory over the previously undefeated New York Giants on Monday Night Football.  

It was a win that truly showed what the Browns are capable of when properly motivated but was sadly not the spark that many Browns' fans had hoped for.

The season soon fizzled shortly after that, leaving Browns' fans with that same sour feeling that we have gotten in the pits of our stomachs at the end of each season; a sour feeling that is soon followed by the ceremonial burning of Art Modell's picture in effigy.   

From the outside looking in, it seems like a match made in heaven. The Browns are a team capable of lots of electricity, but they lack a spark, while Vick is a man capable of delivering a spark but also a man in search of a home.  

If anything, the extra press should help lift the Browns' exposure, and let's not forget that this would be a perfect challenge for the legend, Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown (who still works with the Browns), who's already on record as stating that Vick should be allowed to return to the NFL.

So, as of right now, both Michael Vick and the Cleveland Browns have nowhere to go but up!  The problem is, for both Michael Vick and the legions of Browns' fans across the country, that right now "up" seems so very far away!