WWE News: Chris Jericho Takes on Kevin Nash Via Twitter

Gone Baby GoneContributerAugust 8, 2012

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

As most of us know by now, Kevin Nash, in an interview with Grantland.com, bashed the title reigns of Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, describing them as "the end of the business."

Fortunately, Chris Jericho is not one to stand idly by, when his friends and the business he loves gets criticized.

In fact, Y2J was so bothered he took to Twitter with the following response.



To which Nash responded:




Jericho ended the war of words with the following:



So, it appears while Nash was trolling fans, he offended one of wrestling's biggest stars and may have an enemy for life.  Whether he was serious or not, Nash proved that he is stuck in that old-school mindset and can't evolve past what the business was.

Sadly, the Internet and social media have given celebrities an avenue to look foolish. Many times, these men and women get addicted to being this persona that it overshadows their true selves.

Need I remind anyone of Matt Hardy?

In the end, it seems that Nash has simply become a former main-eventer attempting to cling on to the past and his former glory. Keep in mind, Nash made a small fortune during his heyday and could easily have left the business gracefully.

Not to mention, he left a huge imprint on the business and will be remembered forever as one of the main players that helped ring in the an edgier form of wrestling. Even with all of that, it appears he wants to be just like the hundreds before him and become another old guy aging in the ring.

In closing, CM Punk chimed in with the following, poking fun at Nash calling himself "puppet-master".