Nate Robinson, Where Have You Been?

Alvin RuckerContributor IFebruary 24, 2009

Okay Nate, you had me with the kryptonite green shoes and ball, and jumpin' over Dwight Howard to win the 2009 Slam Dunk contest! 

That is a great feat for a 5'9" guard!

You have got to applaud the swagger and showmanship little Nate provided a couple a weeks ago in Phoenix

But now Robinson is lighting it up in "real" NBA games, going for 41 points in a win over the Pacers last night and averaging over 30 points over the past six games.

Hey Nate, you might need to stay in character and ride this wave to a new contract with New York.

Look out Eastern Conference, the Knicks are a mere two and a half games out of the playoff picture.  I think they are better than Milwaukee or Philly, and with D'Antoni as the head coach, they may just sneak into the eighth spot this year.

With all of the talk surrounding Marbury, I thought the Knicks were gonna mail it in for a lottery pick in '09 and wait on the LeBron James possibility in 2010! (Which I don't think will happen.)

But back to Mr. Robinson.  He's only 24 years old. With the right coaching and a real team around him, he might be the next AI!

Well, I guess that is a stretch—maybe a poor man's Nash. 

All I can say is that Chris Duhon better step up his game, because once the Knicks get rid of Marbury, they will have the ability to get backcourt help for Nate through trade or the 2009 draft—and a ton of good guards are coming out this year.

I tip my hat to sir Nate for taking full advantage of the spotlight and stepping up his game. I'm 5'7" myself and it is always nice to see a small guy stand tall.