Parrker Westphal Interview on Michigan Wolverines Football

Colan LamontAnalyst IIAugust 8, 2012

Parrker Westphal has the potential to be a 5-star cornerback whenever recruiting services get around to ranking all the best prospects from around the high-school landscape.

His position coach at Bollingbrook High School is former Michigan player Todd Howard.

Of Westphal's abilities, Howard told Sam Webb of The Detroit News, "With Parrker's size, he has extreme athletic ability."

And with a 6'1", 180-pound frame and 4.4 forty time, who can disagree?

Westphal fits the mold of the bigger, more physical cornerbacks that Michigan is targeting at this time, and the interest between him and the school is mutual.

I have read multiple scouting reports on the cornerback, and they all proclaim him to have the perfect blend of smooth coverage skills and physicality.

Parrker was nice enough to do a small interview with me, and here it is:


Colan Lamont: How was the BBQ last week? Did Michigan seem even more impressive in your second visit?

Parrker Westphal: The BBQ was a good experience but it didn't change my thoughts on Michigan. The BBQ visit wasn't that different from my first visit to Michigan.

Other than being able to communicate with the other recruits/commits, and the atmosphere was much more informal, we didn't talk much football. It was a chance for everybody to get to know each other a bit more. 


CL: All the 2013 commits seem to be great friends. Do you keep in contact with any players being recruited by Michigan?

PW: Yeah, I keep in contact with LaQuon Treadwell, Enoch Smith Jr. and Damon Webb.


CL: Would you say right now that it would difficult for a team to impress you more than Michigan?

PW: Michigan is my standard for comparing schools, but I'm sure schools will compare favorably and some will not.


CL: Did Greg Mattison give you any idea of the type of player he thinks you could become?

PW: He sees me being great in the blitz and playing a role like Charles Woodson.


CL: Todd Howard also played your position in Ann Arbor, so does he tell you a lot about his time there?

PW: Yeah, he tells me about his college experience at Michigan.


CL: I saw you were compared to Tyrann Mathieu; do you feel any pressure when faced with those comparisons?

PW: Not at all, I just go out and play.


CL: Which other cornerbacks in the NFL/college football do you admire most?

PW: Charles Woodson, Champ Bailey and Patrick Peterson. 


CL: Michigan seems to be targeting more physical players for the secondary. Do you think you fit that mold well?

PW: Yeah, it would be like my high school's secondary this past year—Tevin Teamer, Diaron Rhodes, Philip Wilson and myself—we just played fast and physical.


CL: Which receiver has been your toughest matchup?

PW: I'd say LaQuon Treadwell. He's been the most competitive receiver I've gone against so far. 


CL: Most assume you will be a 4- or 5-star recruit next year. How much do you care about star rankings, and do you think coaches focus on them?

PW: I don't really care that much, and coaches that I have spoken to have said they don't even pay attention to the rankings. 


CL: Out of all your offers, did Michigan's mean the most?

PW: My very first offer (West Virginia) I would say meant the most, because they were the first school. 


CL: What is the best thing about playing the cornerback position?

PW: In my opinion, coming up at full speed on run support.


A big thanks to Parrker for taking the time.

All quotes in this interview were obtained firsthand unless otherwise noted.