WWE: Why It's Time For Sheamus to Lose the WWE Heavyweight Title

Shane DarrowAnalyst IIAugust 7, 2012

I wish that I could write this entire article in an accent, but I don't think I have enough Irish in me to be able to do so.

I have enjoyed the run that Sheamus has been on, but to be honest with you, it is time for it to come to an end and to give the title to a heel. Who I believe that should be will come later.

Sheamus has done unbelievably well for a guy that basically stole his entire gimmick from "Fit" Finlay. Formally called "The Belfast Bruiser," Finlay was better known for his days back in World Championship Wrestling, but coming from a guy that grew up watching both Monday Night broadcasts, every time I see Sheamus, all I really see is Finlay making a comeback to the pros.

Sheamus has been far more successful, however, as he has held the WWE Championship twice, and he has been holding the World Heavyweight Championship since Wrestlemania 28.

The fact of the matter is, with a great, yet repetitive, feud being worked around the WWE Title between CM Punk, John Cena and the Big Show, something needs to change in order to stir up more hype around the Heavyweight Championship.

Alberto Del Rio has been feuding with Sheamus as of late, and while I found the segment of Sheamus trashing Del Rio's "prized possession" Ferrari on Monday Night Raw fairly entertaining, I think the man who should have the title is the Show-Off, Dolph Ziggler.

Here is the way that I see it going down:

Sheamus and Del Rio have a match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship, and somehow, Ricardo Rodriguez distracts the Great White (very much like he did to Christian on Raw). Del Rio finds a way to get him into the cross arm breaker, and Sheamus eventually taps.

As Del Rio celebrates and throws Benjamin's in the air, Sheamus recovers and lands a huge brogue kick on him and Ricardo.

Ziggler then sprints down the runway and hands in his briefcase. As the bell rings, Ricardo still lays knocked out on the side of the ring, and Del Rio stumbles to his feet.

Vickie Guerrero is going absolutely ballistic ringside, as the entire crowd and viewing audiences pray to their god of choice that her microphone is muted.

Ziggler feeds Del Rio a huge zig zag...and gets the pin for the 1...2...3.

It would be a huge change and would more than likely take Sheamus and Del Rio out of the main event circuit. However, when the WWE decided to give Ziggler the Money in the Bank briefcase, it became apparent that they want him back in it.

Sheamus has continuously gotten the best of Ziggler, but this will give Dolph the last laugh, as Sheamus gives that Irish nod of respect. Through his bright red facial hair, he will reveal a smile that gives Ziggler the props he deserves for taking advantage of a downed Del Rio.

Ziggler and Vickie continue to celebrate in the ring as Del Rio, Ricardo and Sheamus have all found their way out of ring.

Cue up Chris Jericho's music:

"Break the walls...Down!!!"

Then who knows what the creative team will do from here. The moral of the story is this:

The feud between Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho is going to create much more hype than that of Sheamus vs. Del Rio.

Jericho has perhaps the most loyal fan base in all of the WWE, and he deserves to be focused around the title once again.