WWE: Is JTG Right to Be Upset over WrestleMania Payout?

Nate ScacciaAnalyst IIIAugust 7, 2012

Last night while watching Raw, I was intrigued by JTG and his tweets while the show was being aired. I didn't know if his tweets were going to be part of a storyline or a new twitter feud for the WWE, but I followed the situation closely to find the answer. Well today, I found my answer; I am disappointed by it.

Lordsofpain has the story:

F4Wonline.com reports that there have been some payoffs come out in the past few weeks, mainly the WrestleMania 28 payoff, and that is part of why JTG is upset. Word is that JTG isn't the only midcard talent upset about the WrestleMania payoffs. Apparently with WWE touting the success of the WrestleMania buyrate, the talents expected the payoffs to be more than what they actually were.

Word is that many talents are upset and talking privately about it, but everyone is afraid to speak out because of fear for losing their jobs.

Now, everyone has a right to voice their opinion or to be upset about a given topic. I want to make it clear that I am not arguing JTG's right to voice his opinion. I also want to make it clear that I am not debating JTG's talent or ability inside a WWE ring. What I am going to argue is why he thinks he can make a legitimate argument for why he should have gotten more money.

First off, JTG, you were not even on the WrestleMania card. The fact that you received a monetary check should be considered a bonus in itself. I can't react to the other superstars who may be talking about it, but I can react to JTG. As a WWE superstar, you must live a life on the road away from your family and friends and the life you once knew. Fans will probably never be able to comprehend the true impact the WWE has on your way of life.

But one thing that I think you have failed to understand is what the real world is.

The world is full of working men and women that barely make enough money to get by. While I could not find JTG's salary online, I did find the 2006 salary listing at wrestlescoop.com. So, my assumption is (and yes, I know what assuming does) that superstars of JTG's current placement on the WWE roster made between $50,000 and $253,000. Since JTG has been with the WWE for close to six years, I will place a safe bet that his yearly salary is somewhere between $70,000 and $100,000.

I think that is quite a substantial amount and far from the minimum wage that many people are living on. This brings the heart of my problem to the forefront. JTG should not be upset with what money he made from WrestleMania. He and his fellow superstars who did not appear on the card got what the WWE deemed a fair share of revenue. In no respect should they expect to get a comparable salary to the Cody Rhodes or the John Cenas of the WWE.

Be thankful that you have a job, and be thankful that you received money for not participating in the actual event.

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