New Jersey Nets' Sean Williams: Is He the Answer?

William Henry JonesContributor IFebruary 24, 2009

These are the games that keep you coming back. These are the games sports enthusiasts live for. A buzzer beater by Devon Harris from almost mid-court with 1.8 seconds  on the clock and no timeouts for the Nets remaining gave the Nets a 98-96 victory over the Philadelphia 76’ers. 

The home crowd loved it!!

The game didn’t start out so well for the Nets who were trailing by 12 at the end of the first quarter. During the timeout I was pondering where the Nets would wind up in the draft lottery.  

After out scoring the 76ers by 12 in the second quarter to tie the game up, I shifted my thoughts to which seed the Nets would get in the post season and how far they could go.

While Harris rightfully got all the attention and credit for yesterdays thrilling victory, it obviously goes much deeper than that. The turning point of the game came with 39 seconds to go in the first quarter when Coach Lawrence Frank inserted Sean Williams into the game for Brook Lopez while Josh Boone sat on the bench. 

At the time Williams  came in the score was 30-19. When Williams came out of the game with 5:01 left in the second the score was tied at 41. Williams contributed significantly to the Nets tremendous second quarter defense in which they only gave up 20 points.

I saw Boone sitting on the bench smiling through out the game. I’m not really sure what he is smiling about. I’d be pretty worried about my future if I were him. He was the opening day center and seemed to have the job locked up for the season until injury forced him out of the lineup early in the season. 

Apparently he did little to impress anyone because when he came he had been demoted backup center.

Last night when Coach Frank went for his subs, Sean Williams got the call and Boone sat for the entire game. During the course of the season Boone has actually gone  from starting center to watching a guy play who a couple weeks ago was facing an arrest warrant in Boston and who a month ago was in the D-league.

Before that, Williams was a permanent resident inside coach Frank's dog house.

I don’t know if this was a one shot deal with Williams being inserted and he is destined to sit the rest of the season on the bench or if this is a trend, but at least for yesterday, it seems to have worked. 

The Nets are two games out of the playoffs right now with 25 games to play. The area half game behind the Chicago Bulls who they play at home on Wednesday night. If they should happen to make the playoffs, yesterday could be the game that turned them around.