Dan Orlovsky Not Ready For Free Agency Instead Of Detroit Lions Backup Job

Jabber HeadSenior Analyst IFebruary 24, 2009

There are 31 NFL franchises waiting for the Detroit Lions to make that first pick in April’s draft. That one pick, regardless of who it may be, will impact the order.

Speculation has it that the Lions will select either quarterback Matthew Stafford, linebacker Aaron Curry, or one of the standout offensive linemen in the class. So, in other words, league and media psychics aren’t even close to knowing the direction the Lions will take.

So, just like the rest of us, they sit and wait.

One guy isn’t waiting for Detroit to make a decision, and that’s Dan Orlovsky. The quarterback feels the Lions may be blinded by the shiny goose egg in their 2008 win column, making it impossible to see the diamond in the rough.

After being informed Monday that his future role would be that of a backup to veteran Daunte Culpepper, Orlovsky chose to walk and pursue a starting job through free agency.

There are teams searching for names to battle for starting quarterback positions on opening day, but unfortunately, I don’t think the name Orlovsky readily comes to mind.

The reason is that nobody thinks of Orlovsky as a starting quarterback, despite his announcement that he would rather pursue free agency than sign a contract keeping him as a backup. He is thought of as a backup first and foremost.

Coming from a team that just set an NFL record with 16 losses without a victory, and playing behind a quarterback dragged out of retirement, what would motivate Orlovsky to believe better offerings will come from more successful teams?

Looking at my list of current NFL starters, I can’t find him a home. Kansas City, Tampa Bay, San Francisco, New York Jets, and Minnesota may have open competitions, but all are likely to address the need with either the proven veterans on the market or youthful prospects in the draft.

This year’s free agent crop includes Jeff Garcia, J.P. Losman, Kyle Boller, and Kurt Warner, just to name a few. Oh, and now Dan Orlovsky. Which of these doesn't belong? The Fab Five can also look to improve in trade, acquiring Derek Anderson for a reasonable price or digging deep in the pockets for Matt Cassel.

Either way, I don’t see Dan Orlovsky starting for anyone in September.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t say “anyone.” There’s always the CFL, which may be a perfect fit, because their end zones are 10 yards deeper.

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