March in the Bluegrass: What to Expect From the Wildcats

Corey RobertsContributor IFebruary 24, 2009

With the end of the regular season drawing near, and the Kentucky Wildcats still teetering on the edge of the proverbial bubble, fans in the Commonwealth are a little on edge.

Despite showing signs of greatness this season with quality wins over West Virginia, Florida, and Tennessee this Kentucky team has left many scratching their heads. Fans can't be sure exactly which team will show up to play each week, and that's something die hard fans aren't tolerating well.

With four games left remaining before the SEC tournament, Kentucky still has some work to do in order to prove to the selection committee that they are worthy of an at-large bid.

To finish the season, Kentucky must play at South Carolina and Florida, and take on SEC leading LSU and Georgia at home. It seems likely that if Kentucky can win at least two of these games and perhaps pick up a tournament win that they will have enough of a resume to get a ticket to the dance.

A lot of fans must be wondering though, is there any point?

For all of their struggles this season, when this team is healthy they can be very dangerous.

Jodie Meeks and Patrick Patterson are without question two of the premier players in all of college basketball, and will be even more dangerous in March.

What has Kentucky fans feeling a spark of hope though is the improved play of the rest of the team.

Junior guard Michael Porter has come alive over the last few games and is beginning to play with confidence. Over the last four games Porter has made 50% of his 3-point attempts and has almost doubled his scoring average.

Freshman Darius Miller has also stepped up his game, improving his average over the last three games to 10 points. He is also hitting better than 50% of his shots from beyond the arc in that span.

Kentucky has also seen the rest of its role players seemingly spring to life recently and play with the fire the fans had been waiting for.

So what should fans expect from this team come tournament time?

It's a question that may seem easier to answer on paper than it really is.

This Kentucky team has the talent to compete with anyone in the country, there is no doubt about that. They just have to find a way to keep the new-found fire burning a little longer.