The Nickel: Road To WM? For ECW...It's The Road to Redemption, Lets Get Started

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 24, 2009

I'm usually doing one Nickel a week, but I've gotten a warm, better reception from the previous ones. With that said, thank you, B/R wrestling community. There is an old saying that goes "strike while the iron is hot," so I'll do just that.

I believe this week's Raw was a success and I figure ECW could at least be decent tonight. What needs to be done? What needs to be seen or heard?

Please Keep Natalya and Tyson Kidd On The Air

I know the two arrived about a week ago to the dungeon that is ECW, but do not banish or snub them. I consider Natayla second best to Beth Phoenix. Maybe Natalya is better.

Getting back to the topic, if she doesn't wrestle, then at least give her airtime. Tyson Kidd isn't bad himself. I can say that the short time he wrestled that I'm more fond of him than DJ Gabriel, Ricky Ortiz, and anyone other upcoming superstar I forgot to mention in ECW.

We have Katie Lee Burchill, right? Put her against Natalya. Have Kidd face Burchill....have an intergender tag match. Just utilize them.

Tommy Dreamer

Need I say more? Tommy Dreamer has to be one of the most loyal wrestlers still around these days. People complain about being in the doghouse, well I have news for you. Have you seen Dreamer? The man is in the dog pound.

I knew ECW was a dungeon but, goodness, shed some light on this man. Dreamer has done nothing but compete and stay loyal to the ECW brand, his origin. He recently blasted WWE on one of his blogs and I think it's interesting that the highest-rated ECW episodes were ones where he main evented.

This should tell the WWE something. Don't get angry and bash Dreamer. What more can they do to him? Do something with him. What if he tagged with someone and defeated Miz and Morrison for the tag titles?! Then it'll be on ECW.

Dreamer should tag with one of those new guys. They'll have to appear on RAW since they're the RAW tag champs and that will lead to more exposure for an up-and-coming star, and some familiar limelight for a hardcore legend. Money In The Bank maybe? What if he won? Cash in at One Night Stand? I might be getting ahead of myself here, but just do something with him. He is a good talent who can still take bumps and perform well.

The World's Strongest.......

Ever since Matt Hardy whooped Mark Henry's butt, he's fallen out of the title picture. He's been down in the dungeon for a while, so I'm worried about Henry. Big men aren't really useful these Creative's view.

They haven't used them well in the last couple of years, except the Big Show/Mayweather match which I loved. Maybe I'll regret saying that because Show thinks he can box now.

Swagger has risen from right under our noses and had claimed the top spot in the dungeon...for whatever that is worth. Swagger had gotten involved with Finlay, and now Christian.

With that, Henry seems to be fading a little bit. Find a program for the man. If something isn't done, then I'm afraid he'll be hitting the back burner and fighting for scraps with Dreamer.

I Love to Fight!............"Really? Then Stop Babysitting and Looking for Gold!"

I have lost a lot of faith in Finlay. When he first came I loved his character. He fought against Lashley in an explosive feud. It was fantastic as he even captured the U.S. title.

The man who loved to fight was amongst my favorite wrestlers. He was ambushed, sent to the dungeon, and then McMahon dumped the child that is Hornswoggle on Finlay. He put on a green hat and now he's the guy on the Lucky Charms cereal box.

"Where is me Pot O' Gold?"

Swagger pushed him to the side. Swagger has moved on, Christian. Finlay as ECW champ.....I can't picture it, but I hope he has a role in Wrestlemania. I think Hornswoggle needs the axe. He's holding back the brutal and violent Finlay that many grew fond off. Is he wrestling or babysitting? Something has to be done for the man. I haven't disowned him.....yet.

Swagger Jacking My Charisma and Lookin' Ahead

Swagger is in a good place right now. I questioned WWE when he was crowned ECW champion. Now they seemed to have made a good choice. Swagger draws heat with his "daffy duck-like" slur and is pretty good in the ring. I want ECW to play a part in Wrestlemania this year. I have three hopes.

1) ECW Championship match—Don't care as long as Dreamer, Christian, Swagger, or Finlay is in some sort of match. It can be a triple threat a fatal four-way, a one on one; Make it happen.

2) Money In the Bank—Tommy Dreamer and/or Tyson Kidd should be in this match. I know I'm going on a stretch with both, especially Kidd, but if WWE really wants to "expose" up-and-coming superstars, then they should consider this. MITB has been bumped up to eight people, right? There isn't an excuse for not having an ECW star in there.

3) Tag Titles goes to ECW—It really doesn't matter if it's the WWE, or world tag titles...just bring it to the show! They need more than one belt, and these should be fitting because they are barely defended on RAW or Smackdown and WWE doesn't want to bring the hardcore title back. The folks in the dungeon will be happy to see some gold. ECW title is silver.

Back to Swagger, he'll be bumping head with Christian tonight. I don't think WWE should or would give Christian the strap tonight. If they want to go somewhere with the feud, then lets see Swagger one-up Christian so bad that the feud will heat up.