Kansas City Chiefs' Drafting Needs

TJ GerrityCorrespondent IFebruary 24, 2009

The Chiefs, like most teams picking in the top five, have many holes to fill. Most of these however lie on defense. The front-seven played horrendous last year. We have exactly one starting caliber linebacker, and at times it seemed like zero starting caliber Defensive Lineman.

Now I know that the D-line is young. And I still believe Glenn Dorsey can be an absolute star in the NFL, if given proper coaching and the correct system for him to play in.

I would say our Team Needs look something like this:

  1. Defensive End
  2. Linebackers - Both MLB and OLB
  3. Offensive Lineman - C, RG, RT
  4. Wide Receiver
  5. Quarterback

The problem for the Chiefs is there are no DE's worth taking at No. 3. The silver lining is the best player in the draft may be. Aaron Curry is an absolute stud. 6'2, 250 lbs 4.56 forty yard dash.

A tackling machine, he was also far and away the best DL/LB that worked out Monday at the Combine. He's very versatile also, he could play either inside or outside, and he can play in the 3-4 should the Chiefs decide to go in that direction.

The Chiefs have new leaders in the front office, and need a new identity. We need to get meaner. Scott Pioli is all about having a great defense, and that starts with intensity.

If the Chiefs get Curry in the first, he will immediately bring that hard-hitting intensity our defense needs.

Unless a truly spectacular player falls to us in the second round, we have to get the best DE on the board at that point. Pass-rushing specialist Michael Johnson may still be there, but he's not an every down player right now.

Robert Ayers has been climbing up the draft boards recently, and is atop many's boards for pure DE's. He can do it all—rush the passer and stop the run.

After round two it gets a little dicey predicting who's going to be available, but an ideal draft for the Chiefs would look something like this:

  • Round 1 - Aaron Curry - OLB
  • Round 2 - Robert Ayers - DE
  • Round 3 - Darry Beckwith - MLB (The leader on that scary LSU defense)
  • Round 4 - Trevor Canfield - OG (Not the biggest or strongest, but plays mean and is nimble for his size - 6'5 310)
  • Round 5 - Pat White (Man without a position right now, but a great guy to have on your team. May not make it this far after his combine performance, but if he does, we have to grab him)
  • Round 6 - Sammie Lee Hill - DT (This guy is the un-hyped version of BJ Raji. 330 lbs and nimble, can put pressure on the QB by pushing the pocket)
  • Round 7 - Ian Campbell - DE (He has been underrated since high school. Great football player who always just finds a way to make a play)

Last year's draft was a great one for this team. But winning teams are not built upon one draft. We must continue to have good drafts if this team is to go anywhere in the future.