Beloved Liu Xiang Injures Achilles Again, Chinese Hurdler Still Finishes

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Beloved Liu Xiang Injures Achilles Again, Chinese Hurdler Still Finishes
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Beloved hurdler Liu Xiang was again injured on the hurdles, but this time he finished the race. That fact makes this one of the most beautiful Olympic moments. 

The New York Times reports the Chinese sprinter and one of the most popular athletes in the world was taken down by the same right Achilles injury that did him in at Beijing. 

This time he finished. 

When life hands you lemons, you take those lemons and shove them down life's throat, hop in the car and go get a burger and fries. At least, that's what Liu Xiang seems to have done, owning the moment and coming out better than he ever thought possible. 

has some tremendous photos, Gifs and videos that may make it through the Olympic Games without being taken down. 

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed
Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

Xiang failed to make it over the first hurdle, plummeting to the ground in a heap as the rest of the field continued to finish out their dreams. 

You could almost hear the gasps all the way from China as the hurdler just stayed on the ground watching his London hopes fly away. 

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

He then left the track, like he did back in Beijing when he suffered a similar injury, only he stopped near the tunnel and thought better of things. 

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

In the end, Xiang would return, kiss the last hurdle and finish the rest, later helped by Andrew Turner of Britain and Jackson Quiñónez of Spain. 

Stu Forster/Getty Images
Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

This is the moment where you say "aww" and shed a tear. Really, only the most hardened, jaded sports fan could scoff off this beautiful moment. 

Fate again got to this 2004 gold medalist who is seen as a superhero in his native China. He may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but he certainly has a knack for taking the breath of a stadium away. 

Chinese news outlet Xinhua reports China's athletics team leader Feng Shuyong offers that Xiang is not thinking about retiring. 

Perhaps we will see him back on the blocks at Rio in 2016. Now that would be something. 

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