Allyson Felix Will Finally Bring Home Gold in 200-Meter

Jacob KeimachCorrespondent IIAugust 7, 2012

Team USA's Allyson Felix looks to finally chase down Jamaica's Veronica Campbell Brown in the 200-meter final
Team USA's Allyson Felix looks to finally chase down Jamaica's Veronica Campbell Brown in the 200-meter finalMichael Steele/Getty Images

Allyson Felix has awaited her third opportunity to win Olympic gold in the 200-meter sprint for quite some time. Once 18, and now 26 years old, Felix entertains the idea of winning it all after two tantalizing silver medal finishes the last two times around—the closer of which was by just 0.19 seconds.

During the previous two Olympic Games, in Beijing and Athens, Felix has been outrun by Jamaica's Veronica Campbell-Brown. She has already placed first in an Olympic event in her career, helping Team USA win the 4x400-meter relay in Beijing in 2008.

However, it is the 200-meter gold she still chases.

This year represents another opportunity for redemption, and to date, Felix has risen to the occasion. During the 2012 Olympic Trials, the versatile sprinter ran a personal best in the 200-meter event with a time of 21.69 seconds.

She knows she will need to repeat this type of dominant performance in order to run down Campbell-Brown, once and for all.

Felix will get her extra little bit of motivation to succeed as a result of an inspiring story of a tie with teammate and training partner Jenebah Tarmoh during the 100-meter qualifier. Despite finishing with the exact same time, Felix's teammate withdrew, sacrificing her shot at representing Team USA in the event.

Felix will look to honor her teammate's decision on Tuesday. 

This race has been her primary motivator during training for months (via Bonnie D. Ford of After coming so close to victory in 2008, Felix has concerned herself with nothing other than giving herself the extra bit of edge to finally achieve gold.

Due to her peak in athleticism and strengthened by the support of her teammates, Tuesday will be Felix's best, and possibly last, remaining opportunity to catch her dream.

She will not disappoint.