Nebraska Cornhuskers New 2009 Recruiting Prospect RB David Oku

Jeff WilliamsAnalyst IFebruary 24, 2009

College Football recruiting experts are buzzing right now.

The speculation centers around this simple question:

Why did highly regarded RB David Oku transfer from an Oklahoma high school to a Nebraska high school with three months left before graduation?

More details on the developing David Oku story from yesterday’s HuskersGameday post.

There’s no doubt that a Huskers backfield with Rex Burkhead and David Oku would be a terrific 1-2 punch in 2009 behind Roy Helu and Quentin Castiille.

Any foreseeable problems? Hell yes.

First of all, Rex Burkhead was told that he would be the sole RB recruited in from the 2009 class.  Signing Oku might rub Burkhead the wrong way. Throughout the entire shady history of college football recruiting, has any player ever transferred to an OUT-OF-STATE high school after the football season has finished?

No matter how talented Oku might be, do we really want a cat like David Oku on the Huskers roster? Oku is acting like a privileged prima donna right now.

There’s no denying that David Oku has ridiculous skills (as demonstrated by these videos below). However, his sense of entitlement  scares the living crap out of me. Best case scenario is that the Huskers sign Oku next week, and Burkhead and Oku act as a "Thunder & Lightning" combo for NU through 2012.

David Oku Highlights from 2007:

David Oku Highlights From 2008…