Coach Tortorella, Meet a Very Frustrating Hockey Club

Kevin StewartContributor IFebruary 24, 2009

To Coach John Tortorella:

First of all, welcome to New York!  I'm sure in your time this season as an analyst with TSN, you've gotten to know what's been going on with the Rangers this season, especially as of late.

Well, it's been a very gloomy and frustrating time here in the Big Apple.  The team you're inheriting is...let me think of the word here...oh...lifeless.

You're replacing Tom Renney as coach of this team.  A coach that was respected early on in his tenure with the Rangers; however, it became evident over the last few weeks that he simply lost the team.

But perhaps it wasn't totally his fault.  The general manager of this team, Glen Sather, has made some questionable-at-best acquisitions over the last few years.  I'm sure you're aware of the disasters that have been Scott Gomez, Chris Drury, and Wade Redden.

By the way, good luck dealing with Gomez.  He's been carrying himself as this guy who thinks he's better than everyone.  Which really doesn't sit well with us Ranger fans, being he's a former New Jersey Devil on top of it.  It would do us a great service if you can put him in his place and make him the player he was in New Jersey.

We can't ask a whole lot from you.  Simply because we see this team and wonder if they can ever come together as one in search of one goal that is a Stanley Cup (which is something you've won before).  I think I speak for a lot of Ranger fans here when I say that it doesn't look too promising.

The only real thing that we can ask of you, is to inspire this team.  Get this team to play with some fire in its gut.  Make hockey exciting again at Madison Square Garden.  Get these veteran "leaders" to be exactly what they are (Drury, Gomez, and Markus Naslund).  If you can somehow get this team to believe in itself and, somehow, make the playoffs, we'd all appreciate it (so long as the Rangers don't get embarrassed by the likes of Boston or Washington).

It's obvious we're all going to be stuck with these players for awhile.  No one is going to take these absurd contracts that Sather signed them to.  Speaking of which, owner James Dolan doesn't seem as if he's going to fire Sather anytime soon.  I mean, look what he did with the Knicks and Isiah Thomas!  He held onto him for the longest time before he hired Donnie Walsh, who canned Thomas almost immediately.

With all that said, and as a die hard Rangers fan, I'm glad to have you behind the boards as coach of this hockey club.  Let's start off this era with a regulation win in Toronto on Wednesday!

Best of luck to you.