As the New York Yankee's World Turns

MikeContributor IFebruary 24, 2009

Here's where the Yankees' problems start. It doesn't seem like much, but reports are saying there is a competition for the starting right field job between X. Nady and N. Swisher.

Now this is where the huge talent Yankees are missing that special something that could get them to the World Series and possible champions; Swisher, being the new guy seemingly assumed this, the manager Girardi says "the job is up for grabs" BUT, Nady says"This is the first I've heard of this" when asked by reporters.

This is where the problems start. The little things,doesn't matter who starts in RF for the Yanks: Nady or Swisher, I'm sure they'll both be just as effective either way, but the fact that Nady had no idea that he had to compete for the job that he thought was already his (his bad maybe, knowing that Swisher was there along with two or three other guys that could start on probably 10 other teams).

Maybe he should have assumed but,this is where problems start,management didn't have "the talk" so I'm sure he's gotta have some resentment (can you imagine if Nady doesn't get the job, how much negative he could bring to the team? Considering he seemingly thought he would be playing RF in '09.)

The way I see this mostly is another strike against Girardi, he might be a decent manager, but not on a "big" team like the Yankees, Sox, Angles,etc. He should manage a low budget team (KC,Nat's,O's) I see this as a start to a big blow up with...

1) Girardi mis-managing the team and seeing "flashback" Reggie vs Billy Martin stuff.

2) Girardi mis-managing the team and gets fired around All-Star break time.

3) Somehow the team will get past all it's issues (believe me there will be plenty more) and make it into the playoffs.


Quick little note to end this,there's a new young Steinbrenner in charge,he will most definitely start more problems between management and players when things aren't going good  which will only make matters worse.