Emanuel Steward: 'I Haven't Spoken to Anybody from Amir Khan's Camp'

Vitali SCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2012

3 Sep 2001:  Portrait of trainer Emanuel Stewart during the Press Conference to announce the forthcoming match-up between Hasim Rahman and Lennox Lewis held at Sound, in Leicester Square, London. \ Mandatory Credit: Jamie McDonald /Allsport
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Just recently, Amir Khan had stated that Emanuel Steward had approached him to talk about the possibility of him training Khan, since Khan might be moving on from Freddie Roach.

Apparently, according to a conversation that was posted on BoxingScene, Steward denied any and all contact with camp Khan:

“I have no comment on that. I haven’t spoken to anybody from Amir Khan’s camp. I never called anyone; I’ve never spoken to anyone. I have no knowledge of anything,” stated Steward.

What is going on here? Is Khan trying to make himself look more important and more in demand than he really is? Why would he make such a claim if it had never happened?

Maybe Khan is trying to make a statement, to alert Freddie Roach that Khan has plenty of top-notch choices when it comes to other trainers. It is a known fact that Khan was very upset about his loss to Danny Garcia and blamed Roach for the bigger portion of that loss.

I have always said that Khan like to talks big, but most of the time, it backfires. This time is no different. With such tasteless stunts, he might end up casing a crack in the foundation of his relationship with Roach and end up exactly where he doesn’t want to be right now: without an opponent and a trainer.

I am really curious to hear what Roach has to say about this issue and whether he will actually make a statement of disapproval towards Khan.