Liverpool FC: A Fan's Letter to Brendan Rodgers

Jake RoddCorrespondent IIIAugust 7, 2012

Liverpool FC: A Fan's Letter to Brendan Rodgers

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    Liverpool fans are famous for their dedication to their beloved club. Week-in, week-out, Liverpool fans religiously fill up Anfield or wherever the mighty reds are playing. This kind of support works hand-in-hand with Liverpool fans finding their voice, and speaking their mind about various matters surrounding the management and players.

    Brendan Rodgers' letter to fans thanking them for this support mentioned above was received with delight from reds' fans—with some fans likening his respect for the club to past legends like Bill Shankly.

    This article will go through what I think the majority of reds fans worldwide would request for Rodgers in a reciprocal letter. Enjoy.

1. Continue to Show Respect to Our Club

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    Brendan Rodgers has dealt with the pressure of arriving to a relatively huge club recognized worldwide by making his respect for the club known wherever possible. Whether it be the letter, the various press conferences or something a little less subtle, Rodgers has heaped praise on every aspect of the club wherever possible.

    This wins fans over. It's as simple as that.

    Every reds' fan out there wants to see their club in good hands. Rodgers has promised to bring the "Liverpool Way" back—winning trophies by playing attractive football. Whether he manages this is only a matter of speculation for now, but the desire to do so is a smart move.

    Rodgers must continue to win fans over however possible.

    Request one: Continue to win the fans over.

2. Play the Attractive Football You Promised

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    The "Tiki Taka" style of play that Brendan Rodgers famously implements into his sides is being eagerly awaited. Liverpool fans—or most of them—understand that it will take time to get the side used to it; no transformation is an overnight job.

    However, once implemented, Liverpool will almost certainly become a very difficult side to play against. Maybe not as difficult as Spain or Barcelona, but a difficult opponent nonetheless.

    Liverpool fans all over will be keen to see Liverpool dominate possession.

    Request 2: Deliver attractive, attacking football. However long it takes... but preferably as soon as possible.

3. Show Faith in Youth

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    Another thing Rodgers is known for: Showing faith in youth players.

    Liverpool fans have become tired of seeing Downing disappoint (although he has improved and does deserve a start on the wings—at least for the moment) and nearly all fans have been calling for the introduction of youth, especially on the wings.

    Sterling, Suso and a few others have been impressing consistently for the youth sides and should be considered either for a loan spell or a place in the first team to at least be given the chance to impress.

    We are not asking for Suso, Sterling, Flanagan and Robinson to all start all games. However, maybe a substitute appearance every now and then for the two former at least would go down well. And for the ones that aren't ready yet, consider a loan move.

    Also, it might help to give them a start now and then against the weaker sides in the Europa League, Carling and Fa Cups.

    Request 3: Continue the faith in youth into the competitive season.  

4. Don't Loan Andy out

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    Since Roy Hodgson's arrival at the club (cough), Liverpool's number nine has always been linked with a move away from the club.

    If he doesn't fit in, sell him, but for no less than 18 million pounds. If not, sell him. Do not loan him. Give him the chance to make his career here, or the chance to make it elsewhere, but don't keep moving him season after season—the lad needs a bit of faith and certainty.

    Request 4: Keep Carroll, or sell him. Do not loan him.

5. Don't Sell Daniel Agger for Less Than 24 Million Pounds

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    The interest in Agger from Manchester City seems to be genuine.

    Agger has said he won't move to another English club out of loyalty. Most fans would urge Rodgers to try and keep Agger at Anfield.

    Request 5: Agger is a quality defender. If he wants to go, hold out for a big offer. Don't sell him just for the sake of selling him.

6. ..but If You Do, Make Sure You Buy a Proven Attacker

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    If Agger goes, Liverpool should be 25-30 million pounds richer.

    Liverpool could do with another quality addition in attack, or midfield. Ramirez would take up around half of the potential Agger transfer, leaving another 15 million pounds for another addition.

    Selling Agger and signing no one in response would be an awful move, and fans would go up the wall.

    Request 6: Sign a quality player if Agger goes. If he doesn't... well, if he doesn't, sign one anyway.

7. Try and Win All You Can

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    This one rounds things off and it's the simplest all.

    We all got a taste of glory last season, and were so close to winning the cup double. This was achieved through a mixture of luck and strong sides playing in the cup competitions. Liverpool fans would like to see the same strong sides in cup competitions this year.

    We would urge Brendan Rodgers to find the balance between youth and experienced players in cup competitions, and try and deliver a cup run.

    For the League, aim for fourth place. It may take a couple of seasons, but aiming for it this season will do no harm. Oh and good luck.

    And so concludes my 100th article on Bleacher Report.

    Request 7: Win all you can, and take all you can get.